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Birth of A Saint


Back to my roots again with some Warhammer 40 000 fanart. This time of a living Saint. Not sure about the background or the wings, might upload one without them. 

Credit goes to Games Workshop ©.

Commission available at…

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nice pose and background~ and nice sister!!!
"birth of a saint" doesn't seem to be a "saint"
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This is why the Sisters of Battle Canoness shows up in DOW2: Retribution - The Last Stand DLC.
SlaaneshG's avatar
-DOW2: Retribution - The Last Stand DLC ? There is no SB on it. I't about Lord of Necron
SuperfrycookSB's avatar
You mean Necron Overlord.
SlaaneshG's avatar
+ Lord..Overlord.. No metter. It's not Sister of Battle)
SlaaneshG's avatar
-Why her wings a so bad drawn
toht981's avatar
Any Imperial guardsman beholding this would think; 'Is this heaven?'
dhalak's avatar
Looks amazing
Elven-Samurai's avatar
Mattmaster112's avatar
The wings and background are definitely a keeper. Not sure about the helmet though
Scrap-Lord's avatar
Holy shit :O
No pun intended.

But seriously. This is amaizing. Im definetly making it my new wallpaper ^-^
CJ-Backman's avatar
You're most welcome! Glad you want to use it :)
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Looks pretty dang sweet, though I wish the wings would have been as detailed as her armor.
CJ-Backman's avatar
Yeah I went kind of lazy at the end.
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one word; epic
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Awesome art work, well done. Clap 
MomentumCrisis's avatar
I wonder why Relic took all the cool factions from Soulstorm and put them aside in Dawn of War II, the RPG and character build of the game would have made up for some very interesting results like this one, can you imagine controlling such a majestic unit, oh Emprah it would be awesome. Space Marine Emoticon Space Marine Emoticon Space Marine Emoticon Space Marine Emoticon Space Marine Emoticon 
CJ-Backman's avatar
Never finished soulstorm, but it was my favorite dawn of war games. Can't wait for dawn of war 3. 
heavy147's avatar
She looks amazing 
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