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^Used, but rarely updated as stories take a while

I'm never sure what to say in a bio as part of it feels like bragging instead of getting viewers to know me.
My back story is unimportant, interesting but unimportant. I do art for fun, so I love to hear ideas from people for what they'd like to see but I do not take requests. Every piece is a new challenge; a new hair style to be highlighted, a new face to be eyed-ed…ed, a new body form to make me throw things, stuff like that :)

I'll give advice freely to anyone who asks, art and such, as I never want to lose touch with the people who make me feel appreciated for what I spend my free time doing. I'm slowly getting back into art after a series of horrible events caused me to walk away for a while and so your patience is appreciated.
I rarely do the journals, maybe two a year if needed, so hopefully you won't skip this one as it'll outline my plans for the year.

First, I am now on Tumblr. That's big news because though I will continue to use DA and upload stuff here, I've found it to be tedious. It's bland, full of ads, and paying for stuff when you do art for fun is not what I'm about. So, Tumblr will now be getting pieces first and with more frequent updates. I'd ask that you watch me on there, pretty please. You'll be rewarded with a few pieces that will only appear on there.

(just gonna put this here...right here...take your time)

The second reason is because I've been on here a while but was gone for more than a year so many of my original watchers are now unused accounts. I'd like to get a more accurate count of my watchers as you'll always have a say in what I create.

This brings me to my second order of business, the outline for what to expect and your part in it:

I'd love to be able to make my art more beneficial, mainly by finding a way to earn money doing this that will all go towards my student loans. However, as a graphic designer I constantly have to do freelance work and I've found that clients often take the fun out of designing. They don't have the passion for the work involved and think the process should be done over a lunch brake. That's not how I work so as it stands right now I don't do commissions, BUT....that may change if I can see that the requestor understands I do this for fun.

So, on the list of discussion topics right now are ways for me to move forward with all this:
• Would anyone be interested in commissions (they wouldn't be much) with the understanding that I have certain rules that are unique to me?
• What are your thoughts about using patreon? I've seen several people up in arms about it and with the time it takes me to get pieces done I doubt I currently have anything to offer. So ideas about what you'd be willing to trade in patreon would be ideal, such as; raffles every month or so for pieces, a guaranteed piece ever month or so per patreon at a certain level; promises of candy, drinks, and free artwork if you visit my stand at a con? I need to know what you look for if I decide to take this path.
• My only financial goal for this year (art related) is to get my pieces to a point where people would want prints and so I'd like to end the year by attending at least one con as a vendor.

I'd like to end this with a statement -and my friends on here know it to be sincere- I can be incredibly generous when things are going my way. I don't hoard wealth and I don't live lavishly. Which means, those that help me with this stuff as we move on can likely expect freebies along the way and especially so once it's all paid off. However, this is not an indication of entitlement. I don't want money from people that feel I owe them something beyond what I promise. If i can tell you're a nice person, you'll get more than you bargained for. People that have been supporting me for years can likely expect to leave with lots of free stuff if they see me at a con or one-on-one assistance from me if they are artists too. I also love to party, which means you'll see lots more Pinkie as we move forward, so I may take you out for dinner or drinks if we meet at some point. I'm the kind of person that will drop anything and everything to help a friend, so i hope that speaks to my character and helps you decide if you're willing to take a risk and help me.

Naturally, these are all the feverish dreams of someone that feels cocky with what he has. But these ideas are just ways to make it so I can keep doing this while keeping financial stability at the same time. I don't accept donations so you'll never find a paypal link on here asking for handouts. I have friends who use this feature, and they really need the help, so I refuse to make it seem like I'm in dire waters with my own situations when they are so much worse off.
Pieces will continue to be posted on here and Tumblr and will of course be free of charge. But this is now your time to have a say in what artistic future I have. I love drawing, and I have a Word document with more than a thousand future one-shots and comic ideas on it that went through a vigorous shakedown to be worthy, so I could easily draw for five to ten hours a day and pop out a new piece every other day probably. None of this is possible without your help though. Fun or not, it won't pay the bills if there's no tradeoff so it'll have to be pushed back as paid work takes precedent.

As the year goes on I plan to try and do some poster pieces, shots that will be more artistically driven as I refuse to find a warm spot and stay there. I always want to push myself and that means I will be attempting anthro work at some point. I need to get started on my anatomy and those pieces will eventually move into the adult realm, but judging from how people are I will create a separate tumblr account for those so nobody is forced to deal with it. I'm not into pony porn and with my past you'd understand that humans are a dime a dozen so I won't be doing either of those in adult form, so just expect anthro.

Well, this is my plan for the year. Moving onwards artistically and seeing if there is a chance that this hobby could become a paid position that will allow me to keep my current jobs and still have this. Seriously, college is more than worth attending but be very careful with the loans to pay for it. They will haunt you for a long time if anything goes wrong after you graduate.

For now, I hope you all take some time to think about what I'm proposing


PS- I'll also take time out from art this year to do more writing for my fimfic account. I still want to finish my VinylFire story but I don't wish to post any of it until the entire story is done. I don't like getting into a story to find that the writer can't/won't finish it. So I may do a few art pieces based on the story to hype you up :)


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