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Twokinds Gift 2012

By Civet-coffee
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Wolves got pipes, lemme tell ya

Summer Karaoke duet with Keith and Natani; I think Keith fell just a little bit more in love with Natani here <3

Gift art for :icontwokinds:! It's a great comic, so keep up the great work Tom!
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:above:-click tha link/see tha collection on your right/understand tha term
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*He'd* get pissed because of that.
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This is SO cute :heart: :squee: I hope it will happen in the comics 
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I love the way you've drawn Natani; she looks even fluffier than usual! ^^

I'd give her the biggest tackle-hug she's ever seen, but I might wind up in a headlock afterwards. ;)
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I wouldn't mind if Natani got me in a headlock... I'd just go limp and let her do as she wished with me... X3
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The tackle-hug or the headlock? ;)
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Rather belatedly, thanks for the humorous comment haha. I'm glad you like it XD
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Guess I out-belatedlied your reply with my own. :3

For realsies though, you're a great artist! Have you considered starting a webcomic of your own?
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Once upon a time I had started a comic called DemonPOP, but had a lot of trouble getting time and motivation to work on it.  In the end, the project atrophied, and I've since switched to working on opening doors on a game studio called Dead Teddy Studios, LLC. - we have two projects in the works, a Classic RPG title called "DragonHeist" and a story-driven RPG called "Remnants of Timeline", both have a pretty open deadline right now, since there's some organizational issues, but it's farther than I ever got on Demonpop haha
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Woha, Ball Groove :)
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What does Keith hold in his left hand?
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looks like note cards holding the lyrics for the song they're singing
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Uhh..........I like it. (I'm not trying to be a critic) I think though that Natani wouldn't dress in a bikini but instead wear bandages that are waterproof and boy swim trunks. Just thinking on what Natani would do :D.
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Keith's right arm (meaning on our left) is a bit short :P And... small hands, on him. But yar, I love this c: So cute~♥
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Woo :D
Nice work, Oro :3
hummm, its cute. :)
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