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Some Must Be The First


"Of the people with magical abilities or powers within sorcery, there are only a few with the highest degree of power - and they can only receive the full fruits of these powers if their minds are ready for it. If they aren't, their life will follow a normal course of life, if one can say that about a person with magical powers, of course. They will still have the power, and they will most often master the white power and the dark power, which never, never must be confused with the black power. There is one way of distinguishing individuals with these powers - most of them have some kind of... let's call it unnormal feature. You have your dark eyes and white hair, some have the opposite - pale eyes and dark hair. It doesn't need to be a big thing - some only have a slightly sharp tone to their eye colour, like the very first Ajeènien Charbakina had. The gods know when they will face troubled times, and if they are not strong enough, they will not have very eye-catching marks. But when they have reached their absolute full powers, which nobody has done yet because even having the ability is very rare, they can hide it. Of course you cannot necessarily see all people as sorcerers because of their features - you always have the Aiwar, or the People of Two Spirits." Shanouna's teacher, the sorcerer Meliro, when asked about her unnatural eye- and haircolour (see "Moonchild" or "the wanderer" for example (this is not her))

Passage from a (unrevised) conversation between Shanouna and Arodhi, but when this takes place, I won't tell. (I love secrets...):
"You know, you are the first with real powers since the first Ajeènien Charbakina," Arodhi said.
"I've heard about her. That no A.C. could ever match her in powers."
"There was a reason, though. One had to have huge powers to do what she did. But she never grew powerful enough to hide it - those green eyes were really recognizable. Even though she had the powers to blast anyone of their feet if they tried to harm her."
"Did... did you know her? It was thousands of years ago!"
Arodhi smiled one of his knowing smiles.
"It was indeed. Three thousand four hundred and seventeen years ago." He took a sip from his wine. "You are as unlike as anything I've seen, yet you have the same task. Hers, to establish the rule for Charbakin, yours, to re-establish it from its corruption. That is, if I let you. We might want to discuss that."
"What makes you think there is anything to discuss?"
"The fact stands that we two are the most powerful sorcerers in the world, including those before. You are the only one who can do your task, I am the only one who can stop you. And I will."

The quotes are a bit longer than intended, and had a bit less to do with this than intended. I thought I might give you a little glimpse into "my" world, though I guess it lacks a lot of explanation for this to make sense. Ask, and I'll explain!
As you might have guessed, this is the first Ajeènien Charbakina, sort of a ruler over Charbakin, though not quite. Charbakin isn't really a country - in one sense. It definitely wasn't before this woman came around. She was a haunted and frightened woman, quite contrary to Shanouna, who is the last. Well, Shanouna has her inner demons too, but in another way. I have no name for her yet, and really nothing else than what I've written here and some other fragments. Her green eyes was her mark, the feature that marked her as one of (or with the potential of) the highest powers.

I had a lot of fun with this - it was purely for relaxation, since it's soon summer holidays for me. I started out with a sketch, then I airbrushed and used the blenders, then I painted with oils (the joys of Painter) a great deal. For the background I used a lot of colours that I blended together, then palette knife to get the wicked texture, and airbrushing again for some details on the face and the light in the background. Oh, and the background stuff, the general sketchyness and some other things are all symbolic. ;)
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PearlLotus's avatar
wow....I'm enticed. ^___^ I want to read this!

Again, I am in love with your coloring style. The lighting is beautiful, and the figure looks so lifelike. She's got an awesome backstory too. :heart:
Ciuva's avatar
Thank you very much, it was really a nice comment to log on to see... Especially glad the story is interesting, it's after all my main goal with all this... :hug:
Madras's avatar
This is a wonderful piece; the picture as well as your text beneath it. I like the reduction of colours, the concentration on shades of brown.
Ciuva's avatar
Thank you very much. I am very fond of that colour scheme even though I often go overboard with my fascination with monochrome... Very glad you like it here, though :)
Zaiye's avatar
I love the rough style. :D And her eyes are very pretty. :)
Ciuva's avatar
Thanks a lot :)
nalini's avatar
Excellent detail,and i find what you wrote to be very interesting..:nod:
Ciuva's avatar
Glad you think so :) And thanks for another fav too ;)
nalini's avatar
Your welcome...i love your gallery....
ThomasJergel's avatar
Du er så mye bedre til å male enn meg. :D
Jeg klarer ikke å male ansikt uten å ha noe å gå ut ifra. :(
Ciuva's avatar
Det kommer nok ;) Jeg har aldri hatt noe å gå ut fra når jeg har tegna, så jeg er vant til det, men det tok flere år før det så bra ut...
Sindel's avatar
This is ao beautiful! I'm not very fond of drawings/paintings but this one just hypnotised me!
Ciuva's avatar
Thanks a lot :) I'm really glad you like it, especially when you're not too fond of paintings to begin with.
Ta-chi's avatar
Such as nice texture, she looks very pure and innocent, nice lips by the way.
Ciuva's avatar
Thanks for the comment :)
gaux-gaux's avatar
:wow:!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! this is freaking amazing!!! I'm too scared to try out new brushes in photoshop cuz I could NEVER pull off something like this!!! The perspective of her face is PERFECT! And I love how everything is so painterly! The tones of the colors are magnificent, You're REALLY good at that (has checked out your gallery already) and your use of shades and highlights give this piece a great look. :clap: not only that, you nice!!! You deserve a watch! ^^
Ciuva's avatar
Thank you! And thanks for the fav and the watch as well ;)

Painter is really great for getting this look of it when you've found out how - wasn't the easiest thing I've tried, though. But really glad that you like it - thanks again! :hug:
gaux-gaux's avatar
corel painter?! I have a cheap ass version of the original painter from my tablet....but I really want the recent much different is it from using photoshop?
Ciuva's avatar
For me it feels very different, especially since I'm not used to Photoshop, but it's the kind of differences that are difficult to tell about, but easy to see once you use it. It's more the whole painting experience - and what one of the programs is bad at, the other might be better at - both ways. I can't really explain it. They are quite different, but I think that can be a good thing sometimes.

The recent versions of Painter are far, far better than the first one, though. Got one with my tablet as well, and it was heaven when I finally got the newer version. It's so much better...
shadowswillshine's avatar

I repeat, -wow-.

I completely thought this was a true painting until I full-viewed. You did an excellent job with this, and if it wasn't for the lines around the mouth and eyes I would still be convinced it was. A really, really good job, with a solid colour-scheme as well. If you were to try this picture in traditional media, I think oils and a pallate knife would serve you well, and mimic the texture found here.

Awesome :D
Ciuva's avatar
Thanks a lot, it means a lot to hear it. Would love to try it in traditional media once, but I guess I'm too afraid of the amount of time and energy I'd have to put into it (especially as I'm not used to traditional media, other than pencil, anymore...)

Thanks for the fav as well! :)
X-GloomCookie-X's avatar
The texture of this is great and with all the brown color tone, the green eyes really pop out. Good job on the blend of colors and curious expression, looks good. -Kia Lola
Ciuva's avatar
Thank you so much, I'm working on the texture-thing, so I'm glad I'm closer to it (I have so many texture-less pictures in my gallery...).
7008h's avatar
I really love the hair and her lips. The sketchyness of it is a really nice style :D
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