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My Bio
I'm an automotive artist from the land of Oz .... Oz USA. My brother and I make up O'Dell Studios where muscle car and hot rod enthusiasts get to see their car before they build it ... among other things. In fairly recent years, though automotive art has been popular about as long as the automobile has existed, the idea of letting an artist design the car has hit the muscle car world especially big. A massive market full of truely all 'round performance parts has fueled my line of work with nitro, offering something for everyone from straight line grunt to corner carving agility, six figure award winners to shade tree hot rodders. The wide genere that has become the muscle car has opened the creative door to nearly endless possibilites and that's where O'Dell Studios comes in. It doesn't matter the style, it doesn't matter the budget, we love cars and love drawing cars. Helping to realize someone's vision from across the nation, or even the globe, is what keeps me going. If you've got a project car in the works, get in touch with me. O'Dell Studios dot com .... muscle car renderings, hot rod concepts. We deal in vector art as a specialty, but offer automotive art for any reason - maybe gifts, maybe building the car isn't even an option right now, don't let that stop you, we can still make that vision come to life. Art for car shows, t-shirts, the list goes on and on and the possibilites are boundless.

Current Residence: United States of red blooded Americans ie Kansas
Favourite genre of music: metal/hard rock/ rock/ not classic/ a little blues
Favourite style of art: I like vector art but I enjoy and take inspiration from art of many kinds.
Operating System: XP media
Favourite cartoon character: Ninja Turtles
Personal Quote: I hate people and everyone like them

Favourite Visual Artist
Frank Frazetta (I've always loved comic and fantasy art)
Favourite Movies
I don't think anyone who loves film has a single fave.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Chevelle to Pantera to Rob/White Zombie
Favourite Games
Modern Warfare 2
Favourite Gaming Platform
Play Station......are there others?
Tools of the Trade
guns, knives and sarcasm (Adobe Illustrator)
Other Interests
custom cars, movies, writing, small arms
Lots of faves and nice comments from friends lately and I just wanted to say thanks! Even while I'm off doing other things lots of the faithful are still around and so many new people finding and enjoying my work, I really appreciate it. I'm a hobby and project junky, I just can't focus on any one thing for a long time. I am sure there is something wrong with me. I have to stay busy, but at the same time I also have to stay interested and find new challenges. On the other hand, I have to say that I have just given up the fight on dA with all the garbage that fills the galleries. I probably shouldn't give up, but dA hasn't put in the work to c
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Following my journal entry on happiness, I thought we should switch the subject to torture. OH MY GOD, you mean the CIA tortured prisoners!?!?!?! Fuck me America, take a look in your pants and see if you can't find even the tiniest set of balls in there and strap them the fuck on. Waterboarding? It's not as if we cut off body parts and inflicted pain for our own personal pleasure. Waterboarding is as much psychological as it is anything else. It's about fear, not pain or suffering. I keep reading words like "macabre" and "grisliest". Give me a break you bunch of pansies. The movie store has row upon row of graphic, detailed depictions of what
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Been a long time and I was just having a conversation about happiness with someone via PM - made me feel like writing something. I am probably preaching to the choir here but I believe all people are creative at birth. This is an art community but creation and art in the common sense, aren't all that much different the way I see it. 15 years ago or so I can remember an art teacher asking us to define art. I suppose he was attempting to suggest that it is difficult to define, but at the same time he didn't care for my broad concept that art was simply creation. He asked if building a house was an art. At that time I thought I had been shot dow
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Happy Birthday. :) (Smile)
Have a fantastic day. :D (Big Grin)
Happy Birthday. :) (Smile)
Have an awesome day. :D (Big Grin)
Hey there. How are you doing?
I don't know if you'er still using this site, but I like your drawings!
For he's a jolly good fellow... For he's a jolly good fellow...

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Merry Christmas Sir and I hope you have a safe and happy holiday! :holly:
Take Care and hope you are doing well these days! :hug:
Holly smokes it's May! Where does my life go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merry late Christmas to you!