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The following members have been known to take City of Heroes/Villains-related commissions.

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Ghost Widow Portrait by Sabtastic
Rikti Mez by Techta
Disney style City of Villains by syrusbLiz
Seed of Hamidon by DNA-1
Art by David Nakayama
Rocketboard by DNA-1
Elemental Armor--ICE by DNA-1
Elemental Armor--FIRE by DNA-1
Malaise by DNA-1
XX Signature CoH + CoV Characters ONLY XX
The Iron Will vs The Statesman by Explanoite
Statesman at WVPopCon 2015 by Todogut
Atlas by emej
Statesman Charge by Todogut
CoH + CoV "Heroes" ONLY
Flamabelle by Daggerpoint by JoethebigItalianguy
Commission: Catwhoorg and Magrat by plangkye
Commission: Bauble by plangkye
Commission: Digital Girl by plangkye
CoV + COH "Villains" ONLY
Hatsuyuki's Detention 02 by Ahegao3DX
Ring Mistress Amour by S2KA by City-of-Zeroes
Bubblegum Pop Pinup by Impious-Imp
Black Serket 01 by Ahegao3DX
CoH + CoV Multiple Character Art ONLY
Artfight: Time to go to work by Impious-Imp
Artfight 2018: Bounty Hunted by Impious-Imp
Moo Goo Gai Pan by Impious-Imp
Trio by Impious-Imp
CoH + CoV Sequentials ONLY
Defender Dames - 025 The @$$ Magnet by GR-Tracker
Defender Dames - 024 by GR-Tracker
Defender Dames 023 by GR-Tracker
Defender Dames - 022 by GR-Tracker
Artists' Alley Submissions A-M
Admiral Holdo by cric
Cammy by cric
Monstar Steelheart by cric
Batgirl Commissioner Gordon by cric
Artists' Alley Submissions N-Z

Mature Content

COMMISSION: ALL Kinds of Evil by taghuso
SuperBabyGirl by cattle6 by SuperBGal
SuperBabyGirl By Cattle6 (2) by SuperBGal
SuperBabyGirl By Cattle6 (3) by SuperBGal
CoH + CoV Fan Fiction ONLY

Mature Content

Task Force Twilight 05 by djmatt2

Mature Content

Task Force Twilight 04 by djmatt2
Mr Happy 1: Cover by Bracey100

Mature Content

Task Force Twilight 03 by djmatt2
Miscellaneous CoH + CoV-Related Content ONLY
Custom Action Figure - Baron Hollesturm by WemblyFraggle
Help by Black-Falcon01
Previous Years FArt Competitions
Dance of the Nightshade by heozART
FArt Competition 2012
Timber Pixie prize by JonathanWyke
CoH + CoV Character REFS
Southern Comics Handbook: Stick Figure by Bracey100
CoXso Prize Artz
Commish Artify! by rhardo


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Howdy Folks,

Another year has slipped by in the blink of an eye. And we have seen quite a few new character pieces added to our galleries over the past year. It's always wonderful to see your toons still holding your interest and the interest of those of us who still find our galleries entertaining. It's always wonderful to pop in and see another image of one of your heroes or villains posted to one of the galleries. Please continue to share them with us.

Thank you to all of you who continue to support our group and who continue to find inspiration in the City of Heroes and City of Villains characters.

May 2018 bring you all much joy and good health 🤗

Merrily Yours,
And so here we are, another year has passed and no signs of our beloved City returning to us. Sadly,  it doesn't seem we'll ever see that happen. However,  it's wonderful to see that after all this time, there are still members of this community who continue to contribute the images of their characters from City of Heroes & City of Villains in our galleries.  So thank you for keeping the spirit of this community alive and for continuing to share your characters with us.

We look forward to what character creations you share with us in the coming year!

May 2017 be kind to all of you!

~VexXxa ~
So, the folks over at Titan Network have done something VERY nice for all of us die-hard fans of City of Heroes and it's also pretty useful for folks who like to roleplay.  They have unveiled Project Soon(TM) and released it as Paragon Chat.  A lot of folks have dubbed it as basically a chat room using the City of Heroes engine, and for what we can do, yeah, that's a pretty good estimation.

But it's not complete yet.  That's only the beginning and it's a Hell of a great start.  It's a work in progress, with the developer, Leandro, making little changes here and there every couple of days.  Sometimes things go a little haywire and content you had to purchase when the game was running is suddenly locked again, but he's usually quick to fix that.

Now, the main reason I want to discuss it is because of the capability of the program.  It's a great roleplaying tool.  The game was described by Penny Arcade as "People watching at its finest."  As much as we would love to be able to use powers and beat up bad guys again (whole swaths of bad guys), it's still just good to be able to get in there and talk to other people, see other people and their ideas.  It's fun to see the different ways people cobble their costumes together.  Plus, you can have characters just sit around the different locales and roleplay.  Unlike the Icon program, your characters have access to the emotes, too.

So, if you're looking to slap together a quick design for your character (or long, incredibly detailed design as you get lost in the costume creator), you can find information on how to get into Paragon Chat here:…

To download the Tequila client and have the pertinent CoH files installed to your computer you can find that here:
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Group Guidelines - Established 12/16/2010

Thank you for visiting the official unofficial City of Heroes Group on deviantArt!

City of Heroes was and always will be the World's BEST Superpowered MMO, where thousands of players had crafted superpowered identities for themselves and joined other Hero and Villain characters in the constantly expanding universe of Paragon City and the Rogue Isles ™ to battle a host of foes. This dA group is a growing community for people who played City of Heroes/City of Villains and for artists who have a history of drawing City of Heroes/Villains-related commissions. If you were a City of Heroes player or an artist who has done and is regularly accepting commissions for City of Heroes-related artwork, you’re welcome to join the group.

People who are interested in joining the group must include a message explaining their ties to City of Heroes or City of Villains and why they want to join. Otherwise, the request will be denied. This is to prevent the group from being spammed with non-City of Heroes/Villains related art.

City of Heroes players joining the group are assigned Member status and are permitted to post art to the following folders: Heroes, Villains, Multiple Character Art, Sequentials, Screenshots, Miscellaneous CoH Content, and Fan Fiction. Please keep all submissions to these folders City of Heroes and City of Villains related. Artists who take City of Heroes/Villains commission work are assigned to the Artists' Alley group and are permitted to post deviations to the Artist Submissions folders, which are organized alphabetically by *artist dA name*. Art submitted to these folders can be non-CoH/CoV related. Please maintain some level of selectivity and refrain from flooding the folders with all your deviations. Noteworthy submissions will be selected by the Gallery Directors moved to the Featured section.

All deviations submitted to the City of Heroes Group must be family friendly. No NUDITY, pieces of private parts ("bits") of either gender or extreme violence is NOT permitted to be posted to this group. Any content that does not fall under these general guidelines will be removed from the group, with repeat offenders having their memberships revoked.

If there are any questions, please feel free to send a note to the group. Thank you!

UPDATED: 17 October 2013


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LoZCollector Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I will never, never not miss City of Heroes. No game has ever come close in terms of customisation, immersion, community, setting, story or sheer scope, especially within the MMO or superhero genres. It deserved so much better than what it got; the fans deserved so much better than what they got! Paragon frickin' Studios deserved so much better than what they got after creating one of the greatest games ever to grace our computers-!

And to think the rights almost got free from NCSoft's clutches, only for them to say no to use Statesman and Ghost Widow in a crappy MOBA that didn't even last a year. It's disgusting and disheartening...

But we're heroes, every one of us. We don't stop just because our backs are against the wall. We don't give in just because the situation seems bleak and hopeless. We keep fighting, keep hoping and holding on for a better day ahead.

And we're villains. We've seen setbacks, we've seen failures by our lessers, by we do not let that stop our ambitions. We know better than any the burning hunger that will keep us ever seeking our goals, no matter what.

Never forget Paragon City. Some day, we will have our home again.
VexXxa Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazingly said! And I totally agree! 😃
LoZCollector Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Don't lose hope. There's a team out there worthy to stand with the Freedom Phalanx; the Super Entity Game Server, SEGS. I found out just the other day. They're painstakingly re-created the base code of City of Heroes, from the ground up, through trial and error, completely for free, to try and bring back the game we loved. They're at version 0.5 so far.

Show them whatever support you can, please. They need to know they have the support of all of us behind them! Imitators won't cut it; we want our city back!
VexXxa Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm totally with you!  I'd be willing to pay a monthly fee again just to be able to play CoH again 😁
ca1998 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I legit miss this mmo so bad
Im still in the fandom but the mmo is gone lol
Black-Falcon01 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2017
Sorry. I put two screenshots in the heroes only folder, My bad.
Punk77anime Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017
oh how I miss CoH always wanted to post my heroes on DA (tried Champs online and DCUO... it's just not the same)
VexXxa Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I totally agree with you. I tried CO and DCUO, didn't like them either. 
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