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Not only is City of Heroes back, but it's got Official Licensing.

You can rejoin your CoH Family here:
Did I mention???
Everyone should know that City of Heroes risen from the ashes and is now playable on private servers. What started off as an incredible story of secret cabals, *actual* wide reaching conspiracies, and power corrupt madmen eventually resulted in the release of the source code necessary to make and run private servers.

There's still a lot of work to be done, there's still a lot of bugs in the code, and the test server that's up right now is being hammered past it's capabilities. But CoH/V is alive again.
Where can we find out more? has info on how to get on the various servers.
I spent 3 hours last night watching videos from the reborn test server that Leandro et al created. Just hearing the sounds of Paragon City again was amazing. /em salute to the heroes who rezzed CoH.