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lets talk about building a portfolio

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 13, 2018, 11:23 PM

leave tips n shit for anyone who's looking to start one or is currently building/ submitting one

diversity; it's okay to keep some of ur furry shit in there if you're attempting to get into an art school ( i've been asked this twice before), they like knowing and seeing you're able to draw multiple things, trust me. you're obviously allowed to have a theme and a set medium but going out of your comfort zone to try and do different things is also something they like seeing- so if you're strictly digital art, a few tradition pieces/ animations/ and a few photography pieces would show you're able to flex around a bit and you have the creativity to be able to again- leap out of your comfort zone to try something else.

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catcalled Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2018
always always always check what ur university expects from u! a lot of the time they will give u guidelines on their website
lots of variety is important, show ur strengths but also show the stuff ur less confident in
some schools will wanna see wips, others only want finished pieces
be able to explain ur reasoning behind why u put that certain piece in
dont leave ur personal art out of it, but dont make furry art the focus of the portfolio either
i personally also put in some photography, if make short films or smth then add that too!! idk i sent my portfolio to lots of top film/art schools n got accepted into each one so if anyone wants more specific advice lmk
DorkyDogs Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
ok so i have made one and shit um and all i can say is have some life drawings, photos, furry art is fine i had some in mine and it was just a digital sketch (… ) and they really like it , just bring what ever you want and a wide range of things. And you dont have to bring the best of the best stuff.

ALSO if you have like something where you can take progress shots and say how long it took you im pretty sure they will like that.
But most colleges and things also tend to post like what they want in a portfolio so you could look at a few and see what they are asking for, and also look at what people have posted to get ideas
thickpolice Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2018
funny i had just make a journal asking abt this :0
dicefalia Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2018  New Deviant Student General Artist
i'd advise people to not just showcase their best work. when higher ups judge your portfolio, they try to look for what you can make most of the time. a lot of the times, they'll focus on your worst piece in the bunch.
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