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Fallout 4, the review
It's all over... but the crying... and nobodies crying but me...
Fallout 4 (with new and cool lightning bolt insignia)
This review has spoilers but, hell... the game's been out for 2 YEARS. Get over it. OR skip to the bottom Artist comments.
So... let's put on our Tricorn's for one last hoorah in the good ol' 1776 fiasco... and the fiasco that has come to be known as
I'm not going to be touching on the community vs mod creators vs Bethesda argument here. I'll leave you with a Biblical proverb instead: A worker deserves his pay.
For those of us who played Fallout and New Vegas we had HUGE hopes for Fallout 4 and the ABILITY TO FREAKIN FLY.
Yeah? Community? This is Bethesda. Quit whining about Corvegas and motorcycles, we're doing you one better. You can freakin' FLY. ------------Also Known As Broken hearts/Promises/Let Down #1
First, if you want to believe in something, go watch the Fallout 4 commercial. Understand that there has never been cutscene kill animations so a Deathc
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Fallout, the original, Review
the original, “no bloody A, B, C, or D”.
Forty-two hours
I had to re-make a character and consult hints and cheats on the net numerous times due to unexplained phenomena and events. I had to rebuild also because my character simply didn't have the DPS needed because I am used to Fallout 3 and Vegas style slotting where a middle of the road character is far more playable (desirable in some ways).
I will rank the game with internet help at, oh, 7/10. It's by no means an earth shattering game. Clouds do not move, the mountains do not crumble and the sun does not shine at midnight due to this game. A 10/10 is harder to get from me than it is from Angry Joe, and he's pretty strict on his, too. Without “internet assistance” I give this game today, in 2017, a 3/10.
Why 7/10?
The game is truly a wonderful romp through the Fallout universe but there's obviously a LOT missing from this game. If you've played 3, NV, or 4, you'll immediately spot the COMPLETE lack o
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Mirror Mirror by City-of-Zeroes Mirror Mirror :iconcity-of-zeroes:City-of-Zeroes 8 0 Ring Mistress Amour by S2KA by City-of-Zeroes Ring Mistress Amour by S2KA :iconcity-of-zeroes:City-of-Zeroes 12 4 Bozaloshtsh - ancient times by City-of-Zeroes Bozaloshtsh - ancient times :iconcity-of-zeroes:City-of-Zeroes 1 1 Female Blacksmith - hammering by City-of-Zeroes Female Blacksmith - hammering :iconcity-of-zeroes:City-of-Zeroes 8 2 Blacksmith - prepared for striking by City-of-Zeroes Blacksmith - prepared for striking :iconcity-of-zeroes:City-of-Zeroes 3 2 Blacksmith at work by City-of-Zeroes Blacksmith at work :iconcity-of-zeroes:City-of-Zeroes 1 1 Relentless Desire - Golden Desire by City-of-Zeroes Relentless Desire - Golden Desire :iconcity-of-zeroes:City-of-Zeroes 15 2 Boysenberry Lollipop color by s2ka by City-of-Zeroes Boysenberry Lollipop color by s2ka :iconcity-of-zeroes:City-of-Zeroes 8 2
Big Hero 6 review WITH kinda-SPOILERS
Big Hero 6, fresh from the movie review!! That means no notes
Okay, here we are the day after and I can honestly say it certainly felt like the 90's kids movies, even flash backs to Goonies with a bit more of the modern day spunk thrown in. The movie was fun over all,  and didn't rely too heavily on the “I have a vagina so I'm right” trope despite having a doubled up female cast (not one girls.. but TWO O_O ooh ahhh). However, the movie does have a few spots that irked me.
First and foremost: They freakin' ripped off my character!!! OMG WTF BBQ BURN IN HELL!!!1111
Yeah, I know, the robotics expo getting blowed up and causing someone to go bad isn't actually all that original, in fact, its very generic, Golden Age-y, but when they blew up the place with that fateful line of “Someone's got to help” I was like...ARGH!!!!
The kid genius thing isn't pushed much in speech, but Hiro is wayyyy OP for a real universe person. Which is actually about normal for
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Girls Desire N Amour By Paulobarrios by City-of-Zeroes Girls Desire N Amour By Paulobarrios :iconcity-of-zeroes:City-of-Zeroes 15 2
World War Z the review with spoilers
Being a scaredy cat for zombies WWZ kept me riveted. It was a refreshing take where the man with the most guns isn't the survivor, or the lone wanderer who saves his family, finds love (again), etc etc.
Brad Pitt's hair is annoying.
The logic flaws throughout this movie are the same, ultimately, for all zombie movies in that no one ever bothers to establish the logical ends of what they do. Like when the movie starts there's already a mob in down town and explosions ergo why were cops driving AWAY from the mob? Why was this not on the TV/Radio? You have the one cop who smashes the mirror going one direction, you have the two cops go the OTHER way, then two more cops appear. Then “stay in your car” then all hell breaks loose and suddenly its as if EVERYONE knew about the zombies for like the last two weeks. We just established no one knew of them.
Israel...I'm not going to touch the “Semite rules the holly-world” psychotic arguments of Mad Mel and so many others
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GI Joe 2 Review + spoilers
GI Joe 2
okay, so...what makes this a good movie? Action. Big testosterone heroes, gun play, escape artistry tie ins answered. Etc.
What makes this a so-so movie? Psylocke (who is in the wrong movie and serves ZERO purpose) Unnecessary death of Duke, dropping of previous actors for new cast, story is schlock and drival, the “Welcome back to the hood” scene Ridiculously over the top armament in the General's house, weak plot
What makes this new and fresh? Poker playing with nukes to detonate them and go nuclear free. Brilliant move with....a bit of fallout afterward in the form of fallout and highly unsafe orbital paths with oodles of junk up there which will destroy satellites. The breakout sequence
Why? Why why why?
Well, they drop what made the first movie more action cartoony and sexy and, instead, replace with … more actors we don't need.
Flint: He doesn't romance Lady Jaye (whom I hated in the cartoon btw) so why is he here? More specifically, why sacrifice
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Transformers 4 Review+bonus review of JeremyJahns
Okay, Transformers 4 (ty billion by now, right?) Age of Extinction
All right, the beginning takes a bit too long to get interesting. There is seriously way better ways to bring us up to speed on a character. With that said, does ANYONE care about being brought up to speed on this Mark Wahlberg character? I don't. We could've cut the entire movie theater thing and stayed at a junk yard, because why in the hell was Optimus crashed into a movie theater? And NO ONE thought tha twas weird? NO ONE
CRASHED THROUGH A MOVIE THEATER WALL ONTO THE STAGE (old time theater's had stages for live shows as well)
Sorry, the government would've investigated the police report of a big rig smashing into an old abandoned theater AND had it towed away. So... No. Ridiculous.
PS: Kids are your audience so why is the first word a curse word in the movie?
His bad dad and parenting skills suck, but they push REALLY hard on how nice of a guy he is, and how he helps people, but he's
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Despicable Me - The 4 year late review w/spoilers
A great idea: What happens when we remove the hero from the story? The evil villain steals, takes, kidnaps people to assist his evil plan...but there's no hero to help them. Stockholm Syndrome in reverse.
I have to start this off by saying I don't like the name Steve Carell. I've never found the guy that funny. This is because of Get Smart and never seeing him in anything else. Get Smart was a horrendous atrocity.
With that said Gru is made in the kind of joy and style that I could not correlate Steve to Gru. Which is good, because I don't like Steve. This is important.
Dr. Nefario is wonderful by Russel Brand. Don't got a lot of good feelings for him either. Yet, Nefario is really good stuff.
That Mary Poppins is Gru's mom is hilarious.
What it is: a simple movie that is a movie without a hero. It's interspersed with these flashbacks of Gru, and we see WHY he's a villain, and WHY he's a cold-hearted person who is given not just a way to change but a RATIONAL REASON to change. You see,
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Noirtober Day 5 by 47ness Noirtober Day 5 :icon47ness:47ness 115 29 Ghul  a.k.a the Mole dude by LozanoX Ghul a.k.a the Mole dude :iconlozanox:LozanoX 111 4 Liara Tattoo Design by OrbitalWings Liara Tattoo Design :iconorbitalwings:OrbitalWings 282 10 Liara in Stars by Razz8 Liara in Stars :iconrazz8:Razz8 81 9 TES V: Skyrim (fanart) by cemungudh TES V: Skyrim (fanart) :iconcemungudh:cemungudh 134 18 Character Reference White Queen v2 by tiangtam
Mature content
Character Reference White Queen v2 :icontiangtam:tiangtam 376 56
Plague Village by eWKn Plague Village :iconewkn:eWKn 252 8 Gardenhome by 47ness Gardenhome :icon47ness:47ness 139 65 1973 Ford Torino Country Squire Painting by FastLaneIllustration 1973 Ford Torino Country Squire Painting :iconfastlaneillustration:FastLaneIllustration 32 15 hetherev armor jam: Axkara by CircuitDruid hetherev armor jam: Axkara :iconcircuitdruid:CircuitDruid 206 15 morrigan by Zeablast morrigan :iconzeablast:Zeablast 280 10 Black Widow (Natasha Romanova) 2 by ChaosEmperor971 Black Widow (Natasha Romanova) 2 :iconchaosemperor971:ChaosEmperor971 13 0 Black Widow by shinekoshin Black Widow :iconshinekoshin:shinekoshin 187 0 Eun-Hwa by shizen1102 Eun-Hwa :iconshizen1102:shizen1102 263 8 Collaboration: Freitas-Rullo2 Morrigan by shiprock Collaboration: Freitas-Rullo2 Morrigan :iconshiprock:shiprock 19 6 CM: Deck of Magical Items [3] by shizen1102 CM: Deck of Magical Items [3] :iconshizen1102:shizen1102 111 3


She appears to be one of your more visually complex characters DM, She demands my attention, her spiffy outfit, her daring look and her...

I think the background is an epic choice and the pose is classing superdude style. The boots kind of throw me here though, they are too...

I'm not that whole hog about nudity, personally I feel most "Artistic nudes" are either (a) bullshit porn or (b) wannabe attempts at ar...

The boots and nails wont work for reality's sake but the outfit is better for a "Gun for hire" in my opinion. With a high collar on the...

Nothing new to report, Street-wide Yard sale got rained out, I've continued watching movie after movie to try and keep my mind occupied, I still miss my dog, and I'm still writing. I have writer's block my my November story however, since I haven't picked on yet. Hopefully by the end of the week?

Anyway. Nothing solid going on. Love to hear some thoughts from folks.

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Q. Why did I Fav your work?
A. Because I liked it.

Q. Why did I not leave a comment?
A. If you have 2+ pages of comments on that piece or have 25,000 + hits on your site, you don't need my teeny weeny comment.

Q. Do I like Cake?
A. The Cake is a lie, therefor I bake my own.

Q. Do I look for anything specific in the art I fav?
A. 'Good enough' isn't. You're work isn't 'good enough' to get a fav from me. I fav work that sparks my interest which is normally by inspiring me to an emotion, concept, or theme for writing. A picture fav'd may be stick figures, but if it trips up that spark of interest, I'll fav it. I'm not an art critic so I can't tell you if you're work is "good use of lighting, brushes, etc" but I can tell you why I like it, or what it causes me to see. I don't just fav things that are excellent pieces, I fav things that are excellent pieces in the genre's I'm looking for. If I fav'd your work, then I saw something there that sparked me.

Q. What does that mean?
A. I saw your work, it made me think of something I have written about, want to write about, or am writing about and thus I fav'd and sav'd it as part of the inspirational collage which, combined with music, helps me to write :)

Q. Kirk or Picard?
A. Kirk for Captain, Picard for Diplomat. Face sci-fi reality: Kirk owned Picard left and right in the "Big brass ones" department. Too bad his idea of diplomacy and science were infantile. See my post on "The ultimate Ship's Crew" for more details.

Q. Mary Ann or Ginger
A. Mrs. Howell. She'll die soon, you'll get all her money and then you can buy a flock of Mary Ann AND Ginger's. I originated this answer and you can borrow it if you like, but its still mine in more ways than one. :)

Q. Boxers or Briefs
A. Boxer Briefs, for when you need more support at night, but can't sleep with the "Iron Fist of Death" clamped on your nuts.

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