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:iconcity-galaxies:city-galaxies posted a status
been listening to shape of you like... too much. this is my 8th time today. I'm sorry, I really like Ed's new stuff. can't wait for March 3rd EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!! <3333333
I don't know any new artists as talented as he his! like WHAT THE FUCK!?
all he has is a guitar and a loop pedal or 4! but SHIT! i have a loop pedal, can't work it out XD

"Justin Beiber is sooooooo tallented! like omg. he's so adorable!!!! EEEEEEEEK"
"FUCK YOU BITCHES. HE'S GOT NOTHING ON ED! Justin can't play shit! he's a rude little shit and he's got NO talent. I'll admit he can sing BUT EVERYTHING ELSE??? NAAAAAH! We have an adorable red headed 27 year old playing a guitar, and looping 4+ different rifs, admiring all his fans and does not care about his fame, he's doing it for the music... Justin is doing it for money." I could go on. But what. the. fuck. Explain this to me, how is Justin better better than Ed? so what he used to take piano lessons? i don't see him up on stage playing to REAL instruments. It's fake. computers. this is what pisses me off about new music and why I LOVE 90's and 80's rock. It's got real instruments, and back then it had to be recorded in one part. If someone fucked up in a band then they had to start the recording all over again. that's what is INCREDIBLE  about old music. They didn't have this digital shitty sounds... like... WHY THE FUCK IS THERE AN AIRHORN IN THE BACKGROUND IN SOME NEW MUSIC?? i could literately shove glass down my throat with some fish hooks and sound terrible but people would go "holly fuck Maddy, this is fucking great! i can use this and make a fucking remix! HELL YEAH!"

okay. I'm pissed off at Emily right now. I mean... would it kill modern artists to get a real instrument in their songs, huh? Justin Beiber, has no fucking talented, so shut your dirty mouths. Okay. I really hate Justin. It's fine if you like him or modern music. I just, i don't think it has any effort. It's just a few computers. even the voices aren't real anymore. like, wtf?

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Tallsilly Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey Maddy, you should check out Tash Sultana. She makes music in pretty much the same way as Ed except with multiple instruments. I think you'd like it. 
city-galaxies Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
alright, i'll check her out
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