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:iconcity-galaxies:city-galaxies posted a status
even though i've never actually had a valentine, i fucking love valentine's day. Is that crazy? i think it is. 
Most people think it's sad or something, but i find it cute and i really love it. 
I've never received anything. I think i like the art and how affectionate others are to eachother. i love it

oh! and that isn't the reason for this status update. this is kind of an apology thingy for 2 friends of mine, Tallsilly white-snow-geek.

hey, i think you might have noticed i was a little moody and pissed off at you guys. It honestly isn't your fault, i'm just like that. I'm over it now. realized it was pointless to be jealous. I'm just a jealous bitch. Niamh, I liked Lydia for a while and honestly even though I'm madly inlove with //ahem// that amazing smol bean, it was kinda hard to accept it? I dunno. It was either that or fear... or something else that i probably shouldn't say on here. I'm happy you're together now. I'm sorry I'm such a shit friend you guys, I'm trying to suck it up.  But yeah. I'm glad you're together <3
you're a cute couple, i was just being well... me

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white-snow-geek Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm happy everything's alright. You're really not a shit friend Maddy, I understand how you could be jealous and everything - she is quite cute isn't she? - Anyway, it's all cool. You're a great friend and we'll always love you!
RaidMiner Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, Imma agree on your opinion fella. Even I tend to be more alone during Valentine's day yet I still give it thumbs up so to speak ;v

Obly frined which I have that day is Monster Energy; it wants a body to boost up and I allow it to do so :meow:

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