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:iconcity-galaxies:city-galaxies posted a status
You know what pisses me off? Loving someone to the point where your heart feels like it's on fire and it could almost hurt. I'm sorry for this cheesy shit. But I'm in the mood to right something extremely annoying but about a specific person. Okay, maybe there's a few things I'll say in this status, because I'm annoyed too??

Okay okay, first. I'll get this shit off of my chest. Alright, so lately Rob has been telling me that he's gonna go "insane" because he just does at this time of year. Which is kind of weird because I was like that a few years ago, but this ain't about me. From memory, me and him started talking... only a little bit before now last year. So at this time he was a little bit crazy and weird. Started to talk to him, he was honestly the sweetest person I had met. Although he was going through some shit, I'm honestly happy he was like that last year. Okay, that sounds REALLY mean, But hear me out. We wouldn't have started speaking if it was for that. And no shit, I finally had someone to talk to about my issues. I mean, Yeah... I could talk to some of you and my real life friends, but it was just hard... they weren't going through emotional shit at that time like I was. I had that pedophile incident and a whole bunch of other shit happening. It was nice to know I could talk to someone and they'd understand. But he was going through some worse shit than I was... but it's amazing, because he still pulled through it, he is my little warrior. But um, I really only gathered the confidence to talk to him because I was concerned. It's the worst feeling, but jeez, it helped. So yeah. I think what I am trying to say is , you have me if you need anyone to talk to. I'm never gonna let you down or hurt you on purpose and I'm gonna help you get through this. Okay puppy?

Okay, part 2 of this status. Connor thinks I'm in a fucking relationship with him. He's sent me ed sheeran song lines that represent "our relationship". It's awkward. One of the lines was "we push and pull like a magnet do"








we DO NOT push and pull like a magnet do. You haven't fucked me so it ain't true! You need to shut your filthy mouth, wash it with fucking soap. Bleach even. Okay... that wasn't funny. But please please please stop spreading rumours. We're not dating. I haven't kissed you and I definitely haven't had sex with you. So. fuck. Off. Okay?

I don't mind if people like me, okay? My issue is if they spread rumours that I'm with them.

I think I am done. Bye.


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