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:iconcity-galaxies:city-galaxies posted a status
warning: if you don't fucking like feminists you won't like this post

I'm sorry that I'm a fucking feminist and that i believe women should have equal rights. I have been told SO many times this year that i couldn't do things because I WAS A GIRL. THIS is why i wanted to go transgender. So i am drawing this.
We Can Play Your Dirty Games by city-galaxies

you might be thinking "OH GREAT! ANOTHER FEMINIST!" but take this in. I am not a feminnazi, okay? i fucking love men as long as they don't abuse the shit out of me. i was attacked verbally at school because i was a girl. Men are brilliant. But my point is, that we can do what you guys do. I'm sick of this whole "Oh, sorry Maddy. you can't do this because you're a girl." My grandparents Like my male cousins better than my sister and i and our cousin, Stephanie because WE'RE FEMALE. I feel like the only place for us women in society is to stay home and let the men fuck us and make us do house work and take responsibility for the children. You know what? i think we deserve rights. We all do. I won't ever be someone's girl if they think that my place is to be submissive and let them do what they want to me. I was told i couldn't play basketball because i was a girl. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!? I have basically played basketball for my entire life until last year when my parents pulled me out. I think i can play.

Okay, now i feel like a feminnazi. I'm not against men, i swear. i love men. i adore them and think they're wonderful, okay? I'm just a little pissed that some don't think us of anything more than slaves... and that's why I'm drawing this. i am over society at the moment. we shouldn't be abusing eachother for who we are. But hey. just because we don't have a dick and we have boobs, that doesn't make us useless. If we weren't here there would be no one. so just friken except us. 

sorry sorry sorry. i am really pissed off. 

Devious Comments

FoxLord2 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016  Student Writer
I don't really think becoming trans a good idea just because people mistreat you. I think that is an over reaction. You just have to stand up for yourself. Just because a few people are sexist, doesn't mean you have to change yourself. Being transgender may actually interfere with your everyday life more. You may get gender dysphoria, which can lead to depression and eventually, suicide. Just try to stand up for yourself and prove them wrong. Just so you know, I am not a feminist. I don't want equality for one group or one gender. Everyone should have equal rights. Don't get the wrong impression. I am just respectively disagreeing with you.
Rainpoppy824 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
I support u all the way! I can't believe how stupid society can be by treating females like that, we're equal, nothing else can change that
hctertsemoheht Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016
It's a shame how the normal-radical "balance" has to make life worse for everybody. (In that, I mean the balance that always seems to exist between the normal members of groups and the radical members of these same groups that cause problems between the two.) Like there are the "women are objects" men and the feminazis that kinda-sorta balance each other out, but then the normal men and women get a bad name because of these two groups, and are even victimized by the groups at times.

I hate that society has to work that way.
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