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:iconcity-galaxies:city-galaxies posted a status
I'm fucking fabulous. I don't give a fuck about the haters and i only focus on the people i love and trust. I am positive, well, i try to be. Positiveness isn't overrated, it's feeling good and loving yourself just the way you are! Anyone can do it, it's very easy! just believe in yourself and respect who you are. know that you're alive and that makes you a human being who is meant to be here! everyone belongs. It shouldn't matter what race, religion, gender, orientation you are; you are you! and that makes you unique and special. You can only be you once. you can't come back to life, but make the most of your life. you're human. You're clever and for god's fucking sake! you're amazing! you're a breathing human being! you can breathe! your heart is beating, you can think and you can do incredible things! You are you. you only live once and life goes faster than you think. you are amazing. you are a human being. be grateful! You are great. you're amazing <3

I'm sorry, but i'm being more positive. I've never felt better! I barely cry anymore! It's time we stop thinking of the negative and be happy with who we are. i have noticed MANY people on here crying for help with suicide and depressing updates, sexist and racist comments making us all feel like shit. but i think we all need to try and be better. stop complaining and find a way to help yourself. Because trust me, being happy feels SOOOOO much better than feeling like shit. And getting help is a good start. we can work our way up from that. enough negativity, love who you are Ene (Smile) [V7] excited happy 

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