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:iconcity-galaxies:city-galaxies posted a status
persuading your transgender friend that it's okay to be you and that you are special. He... i mean they are actually an AMAZING person and it kills me that they can't notice that. FUCK, pronouns are so confusing!!!!

i just sent this to them:
okay but you know, you're actually a really nice guy/gal (whatever you'd prefer)  and pretty much the only person i can complain to about personal shit. Trust me, that makes me feel really good to be able to talk to someone. Alex, you just need to get out and talk to others. it will help. and honestly, life might seem REALLY hard, but it's only as hard as you imagine it to be. If you have confidence in yourself and you are determined to change how you view yourself and your life; it isn't that bad. look, you have unique qualities that make you you. there is only one you. and that you is the one that reflects on who you will be. you only live once. you're not in a game; you can't just revive. You can't rewind or pretend like loosing your life and your sanity is okay, because it's not. I know we both have issues talking to each other in real life (and i don't blame you. i've always been known to be the supper clingy and awkward kid) but i think you're great. you're talented with your computers or whatever. you're resourceful and enjoyable to talk to. Alex, you are you. and everyone has a purpose. Just, some people haven't found that yet. but i think you are a great friend.

yeah... they have depression and they're suicidal at the moment. so i am trying to help. hey. maybe i should be a physiologist when i'm older. seems to be the only thing i am useful for to others XD

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