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:iconcity-galaxies:city-galaxies posted a status
oh, what bloody fun. 13 and a half hours until school starts... and about 5 days until the English teacher abuses me about this assignment. how i am looking forward to this: "you're a disappointment" 

yes, a teacher actually called me a disappointment. i mean, i think i already know. 

she says i'm "avoiding" it when i've had very reasonable reasons why i couldn't do it. it isn't my fucking fault that my parents and the school have been bitching about me and making me see the councilor. no. it's Eltham. so stuff it up your ass, bitch. i'll do your stupid assignment once you stop being a bitch. 

i don't care if you're pregnant. a teacher shouldn't be talking to a child the way you did to the point that they don't even want to show up to school, to the point that they cry at the thought of you. you're the shittiest teacher i've ever had. and that's really something. i can't wait to see my french teacher who i can actually talk to about my issues. god, i love her. she's wonderful.

but yeah. fuck you, bitch
oh jeez... if she saw this XD

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