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:iconcity-galaxies:city-galaxies posted a status
Ugh, rough day. I mean it was alright the first half when I was talking to Bae and all... then all the sudden everything turns. I got a bad headache and rolled around the floor for 5 minutes, I got super stressed due to anxiety. I have an assignment due this week for school. Tomorrow I am back at school for 3 days then I leave for the biggest event in V8supercars, Bathurst 1000. MY mum was stressed because of house work and my dad was being a lazy shit and making me do EVERYTHING for him. I feel like I have a broken neck, FINNALY found my stylus and get to draw for the first time in 2 weeks (digitally) and suddenly forgot how to draw and the finished product wasn't good enough for the commissioner. Idk. I'm pretty stressed at the moment. I've blocked a few people on here that have been effecting mentally, so sorry if you're one of them and you're pissed off at me. My mum told me to do so. Oh, that reminds me. My parents are having an argument over the school trying to fight over who's fault it was that I have mental issues. So ugh... my family are worried and just, i can't do it. I just feel like screaming into their ears and say "i don't want this. Can you all just leave me alone? Unfortunately, I'm just a kid and I can't do shit. No one listens to me so...

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