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:iconcity-galaxies:city-galaxies posted a status
well, great fucking day... got to sleep at 2am because i had too much on my mind and woke up at 6:30am, and i like to sleep in... a lot. Nan said something that had offended me badly... said i was fat, how fucking nice of her... realized a friend of mine had been cutting and that brought me to tears... i bought new clothes and hung out with my mother... that was nice, but it took a really long time, so my feet are killing me... I've lost my capo, so now i can't play as many songs on my guitar, my dad said that i have issues because i am a teen and always on my phone... I've got an EXTREMELY bad headache from the twins, my keyboard has shit itself and is broken... i broke a neacklace that meant soooooo much to me... had real black pearls in it, so dad had a go at me because it was worth a shit load of money... I've had 2 breakdowns today... I lost ALL my drawings on my computer, and the one that i made of Catia's new design was nearly finished!!!! my hand is hurting... so i can't play my guitar, viola or keyboard because it feels broken... SO WOW!!! I AM SO FUCKING HAPPY!!!  The Sound Of...... 

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CallMeAnyale Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2016  Student General Artist
*offers you a hug*
5KarmaKitty7 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
*hugs* We're here for you. 🐰 Have a bunny
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