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:iconcity-galaxies:city-galaxies posted a status
Well guys, I nearly killed myself trying to drive. So basically I have had driving lessons on the gator at my pops place and he told me I could drive around on my own. So I did. Driving around for like 30 minutes or something then I hit a path that I hadn't seen before, but I saw a tyre track on it, so I thought "so poppy has been this way, that must mean it's safe." Pop hadn't taught me how to reverse yet, and I didn't trust myself, turns out the path was a staircase and there was a small stone wall next to it. I tried to press the break, but I was late as always and it went down the stairs and got caught on the stone wall, nearly rolling the vehicle and smashed into a wall. Luckily there wasn't any damage to the car, but for me, I scraped my skin... Really badly. I wasn't bleeding though. I got a cut on my hand that's about 3 or 4ish centermeters and have like 4 scrapes and cuts up my left leg. It doesn't sound bad, but it really was scary and for a moment I thought I lost my life. I was so close to rolling the vehicle on top of me and my pops dog, Jess. Surprisingly, the gator doesn't have any damage. So... People please do not trust me with driving. gamersphotography mainly you.

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