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:iconcity-galaxies:city-galaxies posted a status
Well guys, I have an assignment due next health lesson and I need to help Lydia with our humanities assignment... So I won't be online much tommorow... I'm so dead. I won't be able to complete it. Get ready, I am probably gonna log on to DA and complain. Just thinking about these assignments is making me stressed. Alright. I wanna drop out of school early. None of these subjects will help me with my future anyway. 'Cause my job will be in the musical area.

Oh, and sorry to some of you. I went on skype today and my skype kept sending messages to the wrong people. So sorry about that.

2 more days until the end of the school holidays. FUCK! I don't want to go back!!! School sucks! The only thing I like about school, is my friends and I'm starting to wonder who my real friends are. I mean Jack F and his friend Rupert keep taking my phone and laughing at my mistakes. If they see my skype messages... I dunno what's going to happen... I don't want to go back. Sometimes I feel like Lyida and Eve are my only friends.

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