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:iconcity-galaxies:city-galaxies posted a status
okay so my sister's turtle died this morning at the age of 5.
she woke me up and said "he's not moving!"
I sighted and made sure everything in the tank was okay, it was.
My sister said "i don't understand how it happened!"
I told her it was because she didn't look after him well enough. (because the turtle wasn't getting fed and never had its light on and developed softshell. A bone disorder which pretty much means his shell and bones begin to get weak)
she replied with "but i left the light on yesterday!"

the thing is, you gotta leave it on everyday. and we kept telling you if you don't start turning it on in the morning, he will get very sick.

just love how she's now laughing and smiling even though she's pretty much killed her own pet. She'd get nowhere as a mum.

it pisses me off she denies she killed it because of the light issue. 

now she doesn't want to bury the turtle so it's left there stinking up the house. Like dude, you should of looked after him. this wouldn't happen if you did. now you're not taking the blame and acting like it's nothing. 

i was pretty much gonna say RIP Albert. 
At least your away from your shitty mum and can eat all the turtle food and have light wherever you are.

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