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hello fellowssss


Maddy | 16 | taken

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Hello lovelies! My name is Maddy. I am a young musician and artist living in the EST of Australia. I love my DA very much and hold it dearly, however I'm not as active as I would like to be on here.

want art??

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Sprite Rip: Sprout by a-good-boy
Although I'm not very active, I'm always here to talk things out about art. I accept points only for now, however I'm hooking up a paypal very soon!


trades, requests, collabs etc.

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ask me

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the reason I am never online

Sun Aug 12, 2018, 7:40 PM

I'm terribly sorry I am never online here. I want to post more drawings and everything because I enjoy drawing and I love the community on DA, but I am struggling with everything else in my life so i just want to lie things down so i can keep you updated and I only hope you lovely folks understand. 

First of all, My dog was diagnosed with lung cancer late in December last year (2017). He has grown up with me since i was 3 and he is a huge part of my life, hes technically my brother with fuzz. He's that close to me. It's effecting me seeing him limp every time he takes a step and he has lung issues that often result to A LOT of coughing. We don't want to put him down because although he is ill, he still looks happy being around us. but i cant bare to see my boy struggle.

Secondly, three family members of mine are dying. My uncle has been diagnosed with MND (motor neuron disease) and is in a wheal chair and can barely talk. i hate being near him because when i sit next to him all i can think about is how he is dying right besides me and it hurts so badly. He has been given around 2 years to live and my auntie and cousins are barely surviving through it. Sometimes I'll play fortnite with my cousins and on the other side of the microphone i hear crying over him. They are bankrupt and are currently living on Australian welfare. They cannot use their car because they have no money and my cousins are starving because there is no food for them. My Auntie has already been diagnosed with depression and she is suffering more than i am. Then there is my Mum who 7ish years ago was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis). Multiple sclerosis doesn't kill, but it kills specific functions in the body. My mum can't hold glasses anymore and she is almost always falling asleep at the wheel of the car. My nan had a stroke in the car with my other nan the other day and she was having a seizure. she was not taken to the hospital but she is struggling to do the things she could before and it makes me so sad.

Last, I'm having issues with my boyfriend. I would have broken up with him months ago... everyone tells me to leave him but i can't. I have abandonment issues... I am so bloody attached to him that I am too afraid to let him go. He is so depressed and struggles with things and he puts all of it on me. He keeps taking my money and asking me to do things i don't really want to do for him, but i do anyways because i love him.

so i will be posting a lot less often than i used to- I will be opening emergency commissions to raise money for my Uncle and his family so they can have some money for food and necessary medical items for my uncle. so when i do post that journal, I will be working hard amd i would appreciate if you could spread the word. you're their best shot. The Australian Government is not paying them the living standards.

thank you for understanding 

Thank you for reading!

skin credits go to surfaceArtist. If you have any questions about the journal, just ask. Thank you again!

wanna chat?

Wanna chat with me?
you can talk to me through here!

My most active account is instagram. I almost immediately respond!
If you don't have any of these sites, feel free just to note me!

I also have skype, discord and steam but only accept close friends ONLY
Coffee Pot Terrarium by spectrum-chan

I am also on Picarto! come watch me stream! keep an eye on my "stream journal" for updates of when I am livestreaming.


to do

F2U: To-do list icon by wovenlioness
Snail Garden FTU (Remake) by 4pawedplayer

donations are always appreciated!

I'm never going to force anyone to donate me money

but any little bit is appreciated! The money you donate to me will be used to buy my art supplies and also support other beautiful artists.

for paypal donation

Buy Me A Coffee

my angel


you're an absolute butt
U blushing emoji by rnoralsw blushing emoji by rnoralsU

What is there to say about you. I guess I shall just start with the day we met. Back in year seven, I remember you struggling from depression and a whole lot of bullying because of your fluro blue and pink hair. I remember you always wearing a grey hoodie or a leather jacket and always appeared tired. I remember first saying hi to you and only you shrugging your shoulders. I never spoke to you again until in year 8 when you got into a fight at school and had your head thrown through a window. I remember the glass, the video that went around the school, the way the teachers reacted. The teachers did nothing, but I still made an effort to check on you. You later on made sure I was aware my best friend was backstabbing me and from there on we began to talk.

By that time your hair was coloured fluro green and yellow and you still had that same black, emo fashion sense. I totally dig that. But everything fell into place when my friend kept saying you liked me. We went on our first date, had the time of our lives and I remember our first kiss and how I was too embarrassed to look directly in your eyes for the rest of the day.

Though we do have our tough times, I am still grateful you're here with me still. I've loved almost every moment of this weird but oddly cute relationship.

I'm glad I've gotten to know you the way i have.

You're my little emo Q//v//Q



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