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NAME: Basav
MEANING: Lord of bulls

  • NICKNAME(S): None he responds to

AGE: 5
HEIGHT: 49" 
WEIGHT: 400lb 



DAM: Anjali 
SIRE: Kondo
SIBLINGS: Omi | Female
Fazil | Male

CLASS: The Cursed
RANK: Prisoner




A top-heavy male, Basav is an unproportionally well-muscled feline. While not built for speed, agility and strength are naturally favored by the male. The most notable physicality attributed to Basav, however, is the lack of mane. Being hastily shaved and stripped of his manhood, Basav’s once dark mane is but a memory. Remnants of dark hair now litter his neck, throat, and chest, exposing the ridiculous proportion of his anvil head to the rest of his body. He bears a coat of various shades of brown, safe to say, he is no sight to be witnessed or beheld.

The lack of emotion on his face does not aid the feline’s approachability, Basav remains stoic in every sense of the word; though not unwarranted.


  • PATIENT - Perhaps unexpected of an individual in his position, he cares very little --if at all-- for insults and fighting words. Basav is able to remain calm in the face of adversity, a valuable trait that has aided the feline in avoiding unnecessary brawls as a loner with extra bellies to fill. 

  • HONEST - Being one who values integrity, Basav finds comfort in honesty, he considers those who are direct with their words to be the most effective communicators. While some may think his candor is a valuable aptitude, it has frequently proved to be troublesome with felines unfamiliar with such a blunt manner of speech. 

  • PROTECTIVE - Spending the majority of his life providing and protecting others has inevitably become second nature to the male. Basav has always been a paternal soul, responsible and mature, with a desire to protect the vulnerable of the world; although there is no arguing that the many trials he’s faced have shaped him into a more practical and logical individual.

      - FRUGAL - Basav is, and will always be, frugal. He’s considerate of how much he consumes, both nutritionally and financially. While he could care less of how costly he is to the expense of his owner, he is instinctively very prudent, having lived as a vagabond -prior to joining Azubike and his eventual enslavement- has developed these penny-pinching ways.

  • CALCULATIVE - He is always scheming of better -faster- ways to solve imminent threats. Basav is not above exploiting both expertise and natural weaknesses in individuals to better benefit himself or those close to the feline. 

  • CYNICAL - He’s a pessimist at heart and will not hesitate to question the underlying motives of individuals that entertain an idea with him. While he won’t outwardly present his skepticism, Basav is incredibly cautious with the characters he chooses to confide in.

  • DOMINEERING - His presence is often incredibly intense and at times, a restraining one. Having developed into a father figure for his siblings, Basav cannot settle for incoordination-- he takes it upon himself to control situations in which there is no strong leader present or is unsatisfied with the progress being made.


Born to a tribe outside of Wethu’s reach, Basav endured a troubled childhood that remains best kept behind sealed lips. 

The day he took his kid siblings under his care was the moment value was placed on his life. Fazil and Oma took precedence in the young male's life, rejecting his prime bachelor years in order to secure a safe childhood for the cubs. The sacrifice may have gone unnoticed by such naive beneficiaries, however, he required no praise from them, the gentle rise of their full bellies each night satiated his drive. 

Yet as they grew older, so did their need for stability and Basav was well aware of the weariness that had burrowed within their fervent hearts. Perhaps not willing to admit at the time, but he longed for a home just as much as they did. 

They trekked into many tribe lands, each one failing to convince Basav into staying until the introduction of Azubike. Unlike the other tribes, they were strong, each individual seemingly hardened by one hardship or another— and despite their seemingly destitute conditions, Basav saw something of value within such austerity. This would be their home.
And a home it was for the span of a few years, experiencing the loss of their favored king and installment of a much less deserving one until they were plunged into a war with Vimbue. Despite holding no loyalty to the then king, his honor laid with his tribe, he pledged to fight when it was called upon him without pause. 

As proud as he was, he was no fool. Basav was well aware of their impending defeat the moment the war began. With the tribe's morale being its lowest under a new regime, he took precautions with his beloved siblings, ensuring they’d live no matter the fatalities their homeland would surely endure. 

Being strategically overwhelmed on all fronts, Basav stood his ground while Fazil and Oma fled at his command. It’d be only a matter of time before he joined them, this confidence made him careless— at Vimbue’s mercy, they allowed him to escape yet he refused, goading the others into a fight until ropes snapped his maw shut. His legs and neck were bound in thick twine moments after. He lost consciousness sometime along the way; perhaps forcing the pathetic capture from his memories. 

Regardless, he does not remember the trek to Vimbue, he only knows they’re the ones responsible for keeping him from his family. The humiliation he’s faced at the hands of Nobility has kept his ambition alive, he finds no comfort within the cheap smiles he’s afforded. The unrest that had settled in his chest has become more noticeable now than ever, being administered to a Master has put Basav on edge. Despite unwillingness to bow at Vera’s feet, he does as he’s told, biding his time until his moment arrives. If it arrives at all…

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In awe at the size of this lad

a b s o l u t e u n i t

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This makes me wanna join wethu 20 times more
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CitrusToadStudent General Artist
Ha, thanks! 
You should, Wethu has solid community-- its lots of fun but I may be bias 
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Lol i wishhhhh!! If you got discord hit me up about wethu ;w; would be nice to have a buddy to help me along
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Welcome to Wethu! Heart 
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CitrusToadStudent General Artist
Thanks! : )
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did i just get rick rolled in 2020
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ha ha idk maybe, why, did u like it 
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blackwxtchHobbyist Digital Artist
seriously? this has me slain
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CitrusToadStudent General Artist
He just got in and has already murdered someone, damn

Thanks! : )
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blackwxtchHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm so proud of him
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TypicalCoyoteHobbyist Digital Artist
There he is, the BEEFCAKE

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CitrusToadStudent General Artist
Packin' some cake 

It's 100% serious, no idea what you're talking about smh
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kas-eeHobbyist Digital Artist

I love this boy tho....
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I'll see you in court then 

Thank you, Kase! : )
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I'm in LOVE!!!
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CitrusToadStudent General Artist
Thanks! : )  
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