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Progress was the battle call
but difficult the fight
My demons marched in great amounts
and death walked by their side
Thus heavy was my heart this year
felt lonely and despaired
And I held on with all my might
to little hopes in there
So new year, please, I ask of you
wash off the heavy dark
It's time for me to dream again
let future light a spark
Let go, my heart, and dream again
let past stay in the past
Accept the light and not the fear
big dreams shall take us far
:iconcitrus-orange:Citrus-Orange 1 0
Onwards onwards
sounds the call
time will not stop for you
A year has passed
with ups and downs
a new one says 'hello'
Frustration cannot be your guide
when progress is the goal
Thus stand up tall
collect your strengths
face one more year of growth
:iconcitrus-orange:Citrus-Orange 2 0
Seeidylle (Seetristesse)
In den gedämpften Farben
eines verhangenen Novembertages
schimmert der See.
Während die Spitzen der Windräder
oben schon im Grau verblassen
tunken einige kahle Bäume
ihre Äste noch ins Wasser.
Ein Rudel depressiver Großmütter
füttert am Ufer die Enten
und unter der Oberfläche
strampeln verzweifelte Entenbeine.
Hoch oben im weiß-grau des Himmels versteckt
entfliehen zwei Schwäne der Tristesse.
:iconcitrus-orange:Citrus-Orange 2 7
17/10/09 Jam Session 02
Being the reasonable one
just recently got tiring.
It used to be reassuring
to be the reliable one
that people asked for help
and thus I'd be included.
But now that others turn to me
for no good reason in particular
the responsibility does weigh me down.
Preventing the lightness
of a world where I don't feel obliged
to defend my right to existence.
:iconcitrus-orange:Citrus-Orange 1 0
17/10/09 Jam Session 01
'Why that fear of letting loose?'
he asks.
'You got to sing.'
with a bright smile on his face.
The one on my face is reluctant
as I shy away from the thought
and my stomach cramps
into a lump of anxiety.
It's a good question though.
Even if I messed up
there'd be no real danger
and so I'm left to wonder
if I am more afraid
of loosing my beloved facade
and my life and plans shattering
if I don't find it again afterwards.
:iconcitrus-orange:Citrus-Orange 1 0
No, Sir, not this time
Sometimes I wish for a
'no room service please' sign
for humans.
Yes, Sir, I am here.
No, Sir, not for you.
Yes, Sir, I am lonely.
No, Sir, leave me alone.
Yes, Sir, I'm aware of you.
No, Sir, I won't talk.
Maybe I will speak someday,
but no, Sir, not this time.
Sometimes I'd like my life to stop
just a little
for me to rest in the pause.
Yes, Sir, I am here.
No, Sir, not for you.
Yes, Sir, I am lonely.
No, Sir, leave me alone.
Yes, Sir, I'm aware of you.
No, Sir, I won't talk.
Maybe I will speak someday,
but no, Sir, not this time.
:iconcitrus-orange:Citrus-Orange 2 0
A shame indeed
stand up tall
put on a corset
wear heels
do your makeup
and suddenly you fit in
so much you actually stand out
when you dance like no-one's there
suddenly they stare at you
in ecstasy
it's weird
and great
and weird again
get compliments
and suddenly the guy is baffled
by you not being used to them
and where 'you from?
he's never met you
what a shame!
get back to dancing
don't tell
that you've been here before
the shy girl went unnoticed
and wasn't worth remembering
what a shame...
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Plush Bunny by Citrus-Orange Plush Bunny :iconcitrus-orange:Citrus-Orange 2 0
After a year of changes
I ended up in a place that looks similar
and feels different.
Old fears and old faults
still nagging and dragging at me.
Tired still and tired again
of fighting them.
So tempting the mediocrity that could be mine,
a soft cushion to sink into,
reeking of failure.
And so I scream to myself:
Begin, begin anew!
Take the first step
on a road -not untraveled- but unfamiliar to you.
And so I speak to myself:
Begin, begin anew!
Let little steps take you further
and become the better version of yourself.
Begin, begin anew.
:iconcitrus-orange:Citrus-Orange 1 0
River of Ashes by Citrus-Orange River of Ashes :iconcitrus-orange:Citrus-Orange 3 0 River of Blue Flames by Citrus-Orange River of Blue Flames :iconcitrus-orange:Citrus-Orange 1 0
And now a year has passed
and where has it gone?
And where have you gone?
The spot you're in
feels almost the same
familiar and
slightly bitter-sweet
And now an hour has passed
and where has it gone?
The first of the year,
hundreds of others to come
Where will your ways lead
and will you walk them
with confidence?
:iconcitrus-orange:Citrus-Orange 0 0
swallow it
drink up, child
another sip of that
bitter-sweet liquid
be good, girl
don't you dare spill
a drop of that bitterness
drink up
and keep it inside
smile, kid
don't you show your anger
never let them see
the hatred and madness
and never throw up
:iconcitrus-orange:Citrus-Orange 2 0
I am a liar.
And I don't mean
that sweet little "I am fine".
Everyone knows
that this can be a lie
because they themselves tell it
occasionly or -some people-
all the time.
I am a liar.
And the lie that I tell
is "I don't care".
It's "No, it's just a hobby,
nothing serious
don't laugh if I mess up, 'cause I probably will"
while that 'hobby'
is my lifeline.
I am a liar.
And good enough at it
that I don't lie very often,
because people just assume
it doesn't bother me.
What I think of as lies
is what they think of
as my personality.
I am a liar
and the lie I tell
is my silence
when I want to say "hug me"
and going home
before starting to cry
and not screaming
from frustration.
I am a liar
when I tell myself
that I lie for self-protection.
By now I must have hurt more often
from my feelings not being considered
than from showing weakness.
But whatever,
I don't care.
:iconcitrus-orange:Citrus-Orange 3 5
Mature content
The rat :iconcitrus-orange:Citrus-Orange 1 0
They say up in the mountains
lives a witch.
She's a strange woman.
But I live up there too
and I ain't seen someone like that.
And I know you're thinking
"Don't play stupid, they mean you."
Well, no they don't.
They don't know me
so how could they?
But some part hopes you're right
'cause I feel so disconnected
that flying on a broomstick
might be more appropriate
than walking among humans.
But some part hopes you're right
'cause I feel so disconnected
that I'd feel relieved
to find out someone's talking
and I am not forgotten.
:iconcitrus-orange:Citrus-Orange 1 0


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Die Freitagnacht
Ich wollte noch nicht schlafen, in dieser Nacht, also habe ich mich aufgemacht, mir Schuhe und Mantel angezogen und bin hinausgegangen an jenem Freitag im Winter. Es hat genieselt. Schnee wäre mir lieber, habe ich gedacht, während ich so ging, mit seiner weißen Decke über allem, und dem Gefühl, dass alles gedämpft und in Watte gepackt sei. Es entfernt die Welt, es entfremdet die Wirklichkeit. Und doch habe ich es ein bisschen genossen, habe die Kapuze nicht aufgesetzt und habe das leichte, kalte Stechen der winzigen Tropfen auf meiner Haut gespürt und habe die kalte, feuchte Luft eingeatmet und gedacht, das passt zu meiner Stimmung, das passt in die Freitagnacht.
Ich habe tief eingeatmet, und die Luft langsam ausgeblasen, immer wieder, um die Wolken zu sehen. Kalt war es, aber nicht zu kalt für mich in meinen warmen Klamotten und in Bewegung. Ich habe Wolken gemacht und bin vor mich hingegangen und habe die Lichter der Stadt in der Nacht gesehen
:iconknight-poet:Knight-Poet 4 2



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I have been writing and creating almost my entire life.
Mostly I have used it as a form of self expression and for fun.
Thus I have not reached professionalism in any of the arts that I occasionally dabble in, but couldn't live without it either.


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