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First of all, this week (yesterday I think) I reach the number of 1000 watchers, so I want to thank you all for that (because watching me can be really exhausting, so thank you very much). I know I have to thank especially Equestrian Daily you feature some of my work in the last weeks and give me a lot of watchers. So once again, thank you very much to all of you.

And now, here the deviation I fav this week :

Christmas bird !!! by phalalcrocorax

White Tornado by RHADS

<da:thumb id="350132976"/> 1962spider print by strongstuff The Roar of Our Stars by alicexz .:Heron's Big Meal III:. by RHCheng

Mane 6 Cluster 16.9 by mysticalpha

<da:thumb id="341719807"/> Torch in snow by Vikarus Fall walk of happiness by Ipun A horse with no name by Topelune

The quiet before the storm by SteDreLa

Oh no... by ailah

The Magician at Dawn by alexgphoto

Study 4 by ArchHall

loneliness adds beauty to life by Dechoise

<da:thumb id="350749489"/> Set fire to our world by phalalcrocorax Doctor Whooves by PlanetPlush Fragilion by Miguel-Santos

YummY by Lasiu7

Serial Killer. by sekhmet-neseret

Her Apple by J-Scott-Campbell <da:thumb id="341933275"/> Princess Celestia by agatrix CRYSTAL EYES by Weathered-Raven

Princesses of Night and Day by Katie-W

Haflinger by Kiwiaa In the Everfree Forest by Devinian Practice by pamslaats <da:thumb id="351329306"/>

winter fairytale :) by Olga5

Muffintackles by Hallogreen The birds tree by nicolas-gouny-art <da:thumb id="351202006"/> A discourse by ancalinar

Princess Luna by corrico

QUEEN CHRYSALIS plushie by calusariAC Moonkiss by JoJoesArt <da:thumb id="340726120"/>

Bella by Vikarus

No te detengas by Wolfilustrador

Twilight- The Princess between Day and Night. by RaikohIllust <da:thumb id="284448835"/> Merida and Elinor by Frozenspots Paperman Love by animegirl43

And the deviation using my stocks from :iconcitronvertstock:

let the infinite distance grow by Dechoise


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Miguel-Santos's avatar
What a great feature!! :clap:

Thank you so much for including my work. :hug:

Have a great weekend. ♥
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wow, thank you!
Citron--Vert's avatar
Dechoise's avatar
Thank you for featuring my work!
Citron--Vert's avatar
jorioux's avatar
Thanks for featuring my Kelpie!
Citron--Vert's avatar
StarshipSorceress's avatar
Thanks for featuring "The Time Lord" [link] !! <3
Citron--Vert's avatar
JustinDeRosa's avatar
thanks for including my work!
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ancalinar's avatar
Thank you for featuring! I'm humbled - there's so much talent displayed here - and I'm very grateful for the exposure.

Also thank you for your dedication to hunting for and spreading awesome art - I never would've seen some of these without your journal! :]
Citron--Vert's avatar
You're welcome, and I really glad you like my journal
ancalinar's avatar
Haha, of course! Definitely something to keep an eye on. :]
corrico's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature!! :iconletmehugyouplz:
Citron--Vert's avatar
mysticalpha's avatar
Thanks for the feature :)
Citron--Vert's avatar
Lasiu7's avatar
Id my work is good enough to feature it? heh Thank you very much! I appreciate it :)
Citron--Vert's avatar
Syntactics's avatar
Thanks for the feature <3
Citron--Vert's avatar
You're welcome (again, and thank's for drawing my ponysona ^^)
alexgphoto's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature :huggle:! Very kind of you :) :heart:
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