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Genetic game

By Citron--Vert
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See the rules of use : [link]

I so glad to finished this game.

In this game, you can change the genotype of the horse and the coat change, so have fun !

French wedsite very usefull for make this game : [link] [link] and [link]

Some people don't understand this flash game, so a little explanation can be find here :

And a very more completed her

Edit 13 : Actually, I have to fix a mistake (wrong spelling of a word), so I used this edit to change a little the gray. No he get old by itself, but you still can see the younger version of the horse by changing the age.

Edit 12 : Second big update in two days : this time, I add a new gene Rabicano. And I change the Roan, Tobiano, Sabino and White gene to make only the kit complex. So the next update is not for tomorrow...

Edit 11 : Big update today. I totally change the Appaloosa Part. This time, it works with 3 genes : Lp Patn1 and Patn2. So there is no Snow Flake anymore (because, I don't know how snowflake are genetically, so if someone know, tell me !)
Anyway, it must be closer to the reality now. Have fun

Edit 10 : I fix the bug of Seal Brown

Edit 9 : Big big edit. I add fixed some mistake (like the blue eyes of double cream...), I add a random button and the big part : I add the gene Pearl and the gene At.
And if you see bugs or mistake, say me that in a comment please.

Edit 8 : I finally add the Pangare gene, and so I finish this Game (At least for now).And I write "Red dun" instead of "Chestnut Dun", and "liver" instead of "sooty".
I hope you like it ^^

Edit 7 : I add some information on some gene, I improve the white (eye), and I add a link to the following table in the flash :

Edit 6 : I fixed spelling, add some informations with some genes, Add a reset button, and links
Edit 5 : I finish it !! I fixed bug, add age with the gray, appaloosa, and so, pintaloosa and some lethal combinations... And I moved it from my scrap !
Edit 4 : Add the pinto
Edit 3 : Add the roan
Edit 2 : Angain little change (Flaxen and Sooty)
Edit : Little change
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How do I play this?
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Click the different buttons to customize the horse.
i made one that looks like Rain and Spirit's son, Storm, from the Brier Collection
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This is awesome, I was an Animal Science major in college (focused in Ruminants not horses) and this is really cool. I wish I'd found this then.
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There is a lot of incorrect information on this, It's good in theory but in reality its spreading incorrect information. 

Maybe consult with this website, It is updated with colours and genetics info regularly.…
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Sorry but I didn't edited this in a few years, and I can't really do it anymore (not sure were the file is)
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Aw, man, I could spend HOURS playing this game when I was a little girl...
I think now maybe I know where my interest in genetics comes from. kaomoji set 2 61/67
I might write a critique on this sometime soon...kaomoji set 2 51/67 
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Ah, this is very helpful! Im commissioning someone for a foal design, and I am new to all this genetic and the genotype stuff.
So a Sabino smoky black Rabicano would be written as, Ee/aa/crCr/dd/zz/chch/FF/stysty/kitSb/rbRb/pp Correct? I'm just now learning so haha.
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Actaully, it would be E-/aa/crCr/zz/chch/--/stysty/Sb-/Rb- and you can put whatever you want instead of the -
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Lethal White Syndrome... I just learned something. I love this game!
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seems that you have done a lot of research on the genetics of horses
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Yeah, I did, and now, I forgot everything...
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ooohh~ this looks cool!
*accidentally creates a liver chestnut*
wait, THAT'S how you get a liver chestnut?
 Cannot even plz
holy shit, that has been a mystery for me FOR ELEVEN FUCKING MONTHS
THANK. YOU. :tighthug:
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This may be the best comment I got for this deviation. Thank you
ValentinoTheMustang's avatar
hahaha I kinda flipped my shit over it XDD
but in a good way c: thank you for making this :heart:
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Does anybody have links to tutorials or help on how to actually properly write genotypes? Or is it so insanely simple that you can explain it here? Any help is great! :)
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It can be hard in the beginning but you start to understand it if you take the time. I suggest you to look on Wikipedia (especially the English one) it's pretty good at explaining it
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