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Commission : Rarity and Spike

Gosh I'm fast sometimes.

It's a commission for :iconxiestman: so don't used it without it permission.
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Cute! I love seeing new artwork of Rarity and Spike together!
I always figured that the moment Spike feels comfortable enough to actually ride on Rarity's back would be a very special occasion for the pair. And it seems like it happened on a very lovely drawn beach side. I really like the colours of her mane and tail. And the two look just so happy. 
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The background looks really simplistic and awesome at the same time. Cool! :heart: Spike and Rarity are also very well drawn ^w^
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Très belle couleurs!!! :) :thumbsup:
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Spike riding on Rarity'sback looks right.(^v^)
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Once again, thank you so much!
It is really awesome! :)
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You're welcome, I'm glad you like it
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A beach trip! I really like the scenery in this one! Seems like a really cute place to be for a walk.
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Turned out great, this! I love the sea in particular, it's just wonderful how you managed to transmit the texture of the water and the sunset light on it. Also love the sky, looks beautiful indeed. Love the way you reflected the coils of Rarity's hair. And I do like their poses, and Rarity's lovely eyes and how she and Spike are looking at each other. It appears they're both enjoying their time together. As a random observation, Rarity's mane and Spike's spines somehow resemble each other a little bit. Interesting.
Great job, maker!
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Thank you very much, because I wasn't sure for the background ^^
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