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First off, High school is a joke. Now, Well after being gone for what 3 years? Lmaooooooooooo guys life is so stressful I haven't touched my tablet since 2014. I've been so much countless bs with high school its patheticly ( I know it's spelled wrong but feel me man ) annoying cause it 'matter after graduation. I've started dual enrollment my junior year and got my college credits for Intro to Criminal justice and other courses including forensics. Now my senior year I'm part time dual enrollment in college which sucks because I wanted to do full time but hey it gets me out of school at 11 instead of 2:10 can't complain much expect the whole fucking waking up at 5am for 4 fucking years none of the less having some classes that doesn't go to my fucking education. Anyways beside all that Ill be going to University of North Georgia then I'll transfer to Georgia State( aye fam any of yall there lets get lit) jkjk-  and I'm double majoring in International Affairs and Physician Assistant. I know they're worlds apart but I find them interesting and they're my stronger subjects also I would always want a back up job ya know.HAV - Jacques Cousteau  Enough with school because I'm dying with finals and drowning in make up work lets get on with what else in my life. GUYS I WENT TO NATIONALS FOR THEATRE ON ICE , ATLANTA PHOENIX ICE THEATRE IS NOW FOR THE FIRST TIME PLACED 10 th IN THE NATION. It was our first time for Georgia to form the group and compete the same year so not bad for a first I guess. Besides that this aso benefits my scholarship I'm receiving from U.S. Figure Skating ( sos college is so expensive im mf broke man #abouttojointhatramenlife #freshmen15lbs) COUGH kids do well in your sports and education don't let these hoes get on you lmfao. Yeah that's about it I don't know if I will be on the chatlands anytime soon, shit I don't even know if it still exists. So if one of you guys that remember me ( Kouri ) hmu and tell me whats been going on and If I should join back up on the art thing because I think it might take my stress out. Thanks guys - Love Kouri and  lul AMOSC - ginakalaitzidis IG- Gina_Kalaitzidis  just get to know me more and my face and my personal life.  

Once I start college I'm thinking about starting up a channel and a daily blog about college life. Thoughts if i should or shouldn't? - thanks fam
Just warning you guys I'm gonna go on a Wolf/Fox Adopt out burst so prepare for a bunch of deviations to pop in your messages xD 

Love ~ Citris
Regardless of who likes me, who hates me, who's between, I want to wish all of you, family, friends, and enemies alike, a merry Christmas. We all have lives to tend to outside of Art , and we're all cut from the same cloth, so aside from the personal grudges we all share with each other , we're still human beings who seek the same goals and maintain the aspirations necessary to succeed in the future. This is a big time of the year where bonding takes place (not bondage) and we appreciate those around us, not just the gifts we're given. There are also soldiers fighting on the front line who don't get to spend the holidays with their families because of the obligations they made to defend this country, so again, take everything into consideration and have a fantastic Christmas and an even better start to the new year.
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