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Thank you everyone for 10,000 pageviews!
If you like my stuff, make sure you check out my website
If you like it so much that you want to use it, here is a… where you can find a list of stock markets where I sell it. And if you can't find what you need but you think I'm the right person to make it, you can always commission me:…
5,000 pageviews, wow! Thank you all!

I just want to use this opportunity to direct you to several other places besides DeviantArt where you can find my stuff, and sell yours! If you need photos for photo manipulation, no matter if it's for fun or for work, here's a to my gallery at Shutterstock. If you want to make money with your photos here is a… for you!

Also, here's a… to my profile at iStockphoto (check out my photos for sale or sign up to sell your own stuff, like photos, video, audio! Join for free!)

Another… is to Envato market, which sells not just photos but photos prepared for using: objects separated from background, .PSD files, textures, etc., also vector objects and lots more. I have an account there together with my husband who is a musician, so you will find tons of great music there, too.
I'm very happy that the number of my pageviews is increasing. Just 3 months ago I was thanking my visitors for 3000 pageviews, and now I get to thank you guys again. So, thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy my gallery!
:bulletred: Art commissions are now available. Digital only (if you want it printed, DeviantShop can help you), .jpg (original .psd for extra money if you want), 300 dpi (unless you specify), payment by PayPal.

:bulletred: Fan-art, nudity, ecchi, mature content, slash, yaoi, shonen-ai, yuri is OK

:bulletred: When describing what you want me to draw, please provide as much detail as possible, visual referenses are very welcome ("I want my char to have a tatoo like this guy and shoes like this girl" would be just great). Please note that what you don't say I will have to make up, and that might not be to your satisfaction.

:bulletred: If needed, I can send WIP from different stages of work, so that any essential changes can be made in the right time. I will not allow any essential changes after the work is finished, only cosmetic ones.

:bulletred: Normally the making would take about a week (unless I have deadlines for other projects, of which I will inform you), but a complicated/datailed drawing may take longer. Please understand.

:bulletred: The final version will have my logo as an artist:
The finished artwork is the property of the client for any use exept reselling. As author, I keep the right to post said image in my personal gallery and use as part of my artist portfolio.

:bulletred: Contact by DA note, e-mail or Skype. If you change your mind about commissioning me for any reason, you must instantly inform me so I don't waste my time.

:bulletred: Here are the basic prices. Note that those may vary due to detailness/complexity of image, number of characters, etc.
Warning! Some of the examples below may not be suitable for minors!

:bulletblue: Doodles, chibi, simple objects: $10-20…

:bulletblue: B/w graphics (A4, 300 dpi): $20-30………

:bulletblue: Colored graphics with simple background: $25-40 (+$10 for every additional character)…………

:bulletblue: Colored graphics with detailed background: $40 (+$10 for every additional character)…

:bulletblue: Digital painting with simple background: $20 (+$10 for every additional character)………

:bulletblue: Digital painting with photo/photomontage background (all photos used for backgrounds are made by me): $40 (+$10 for every additional character, +$$$ for complicated photomontage or rare footage)………

:bulletblue: Digital painting with detailed background: $50 (+$10 for every additional character)…

:bulletblue: Mixed media (digital/graphics/photo): $30-50 (+$10 for every additional character)………

:bulletred: I make discounts! 5% off the price if I have to draw tatoos. 10% off the price if your commission has slash/yaoi/homoerotism. Also, 10% off for loyal customers (I will consider you loyal if you successfully commissioned me 3 times before)

:bulletred: Prices and conditions may change, so please visit this post before ordering your commission!
Thanx for 3000 pageviews everybody!
I noticed an odd thing - for a cat person I have weirdly few cat photos and surprisingly many dog photos. I have no idea why. I love cats. Well, dogs are nice, too, some particular breeds... But still. How come? I have a cat home, but she's not a fan of photography, I guess, cause she realy don't like to pose for me.
Thank you for 2000 pageviews everybody!
It's a well-known fact that posting boobies increases pageviews dramaticly.
Tells a lot about us people : )
I've been Deviously Deviant for exactly half a year now. Thank you for over 1,000 pageviews everybody!
A drawing of mine was removed today for Violation of Policy. Mature content. In Surrealistic category (gimme a break!) And on my birthday, too))

I've seen much more explicit works on DeviantArt.

Well, too bad, it's a good drawing.