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Run for your life, Charlie B

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Last of my Halloween themed pics for this year. A Peanut Gallery of Horrors!!!

For a while now I've been a big fan/watcher of :icongotbob: and especially his "Tinies" and "Bob's Blobs." So this is a bit of a tribute really. Charlie Brown just seemed to fit nicely as a template for all the characters.

I tried to get as much as I could on there but I know I've still missed loads out. Especially pleased with Captain Spaulding and Buffalo Bill for sheer wrongness. Maybe I'll come back to this and make it even bigger, but for now, I hope you all enjoy my take on these icons of horror.

And more importantly, enjoy Halloween 2011!


Hand drawn in pen/ink
Coloured in Photoshop CS3

Peanuts and all characters are (c) their respective owners
This pic (c) Dennis Davies
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© 2011 - 2021 CitizenWolfie
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Not bad, but you forgot Terminator and Jack Torrance...
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Terminator isn't a horror movie, it's a sci-fi action, despite that it was intended to be a dark horror film before its release date, October 26, 1984.
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This is incredible :)
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This is genius XD
And it's funny how the mummy is just the zombie wrapped in bandages. Fitting XD
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Never before have I seen such a diverse collection of horror icons
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I want this as a poster!
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Pretty interesting. Two complaints.

1. Nosferatu is a synonym for "vampire"; the vampire from that movie is named "Count Orlok", not simply Nosferatu/Vampire.
2. Gritty Remakes seem like a lazy way of finishing the space...

Also, since I saw slenderman discussion, why not...Cabadath instead. o_o;
Anyways, interesting. Faved. :)
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While you are right about the Nosferatu point, I decided to leave it labelled as such since the term "Nosferatu" goes hand in hand with that particular interpretation of the vampire myth. I figured more people would understand Nosferatu as opposed to Count Orlok.

As for the Gritty Remakes, it is indeed lazy. However it's meant to be an intentional dig at Hollywood for being equally lazy in not coming up with anything new in the horror genre.

Thanks for the fave!
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This. Is. Brilliant.
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OMG AWESOME! Buffalo Bill. BWAHAHAHA. BEST THING EVER, even though I don't like peanuts.
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I think a certain American Psycho should be done as well. :P
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I was thinking about extending it for this Halloween so thanks for the suggestion :)
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Awesome! Cpt. Spaulding is definitely my favourite here. I love how Ed's hair fits both his character as well as Charlies. The expression is pretty spot on.
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Fuck yeah, Papa Lazarou!
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I love this.. would I be able to share it on my Horror page? I will of course credit you for it and show a link to your page :)
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Of course. Thank you for being courteous enough to ask my permission first :)
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Thank you :) Your work is awesome!! I love the Wolfie's Page 'O' Skulls.. could I share that too?
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Sure, go ahead! Can I have a link to wherever you post it so I can have a look?
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Maybe in a future update. I find Shadowlurker scarier though
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and jeff the killer. and tails doll.
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