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Catcalling :iconcitizenbjm:citizenbjm 95 6
Mallory's booty string implants
Mallory went to the doctor's office for her breast implant surgery. She was so excited about the procedure that she purchased all new tops ad dresses to fit over her expanded new chest. Mallory was a college student looking to give her appearance a boost with some new assets. She had a nice face and nice, slim body, but always had flat chest. She decided she wanted implants to give her an edge over others women in the job market.
Mallory explained to the doctor that she wanted implants that would give her a C or D cup chest. She didn't want anything huge or freakish. For once, Mallory felt she would be perfect from head to toe.
Mallory's doctor was Dr. Ben Feldstein. He was extremely popular and also very busy providing all kinds of plastic surgery procedures. His clients ranged from business proefessionals, TV weather girls, lawyers, actresses, porn stars, and strippers.
On the day Mallory was scheduled to have her procedure, two other clients had arranged to get procedures done as we
:iconcitizenbjm:citizenbjm 202 31
Camera adds more than ten pounds
Danielle was a pretty girl, early 20's, golden brown skin, and a nice curvy body. Her looks instantly got her attention where ever she went. But her body had started changing a bit when the young woman started modeling.
When she first started modeling, she went to a studio where the photographer would take various pictures of her. But, Danielle noticed a slight growth spurt after every photo session where it seemed it butt had grown.
At first, she thought it was her immagination, until the day she went into the studio for another session. She came in wearing some tight blue jeans. After a few photos where the camera gave off a bright flash, the session was over. But Danielle noticed she culd barely fit the jeans she came in with.
The young woman alays a had a cute, round butt, but she ate good, healthy food, and excisied often. Ever since she started modeling, her butt size increased. She connected the growth spurt with the studio and stopped going. Two days later, Danielle was invited
:iconcitizenbjm:citizenbjm 322 24
Booty Injections Part 2
Vanessa's butt grew again this to 70". She laid there on her bed wondering what she was going to do to get out of this growing problem.
Three days went by without Vanessa eating any food, but she was extremely hungry and was desperate. She eyed the chicken still inside the fridge, and she ate it.
On cue, her butt grew from 70" to 75". By this time she was wearing sweat pants, but they straining on her ass after eating the chicken. She was still hungry but didn't want grow. Her dilemma was clear, don't eat and starve, or eat and expand. She ate some mashed potatoes and her booty swelled once again to 78".
Vanessa still tried calling the doctor's office, with no luck. Then Vanessa's phone rang, on the other line was Vanessa's manager. He suggested she get the injections for her career, and was checking up on her. Vanessa didn't want to say what was going on, but the manager was persistent and after three days of starvation, she was desperate for help. She decided to invite him to her apa
:iconcitizenbjm:citizenbjm 240 10
Booty Injections Part 3
Porsha heard about her friend Vanessa's butt injections and wanted some too. She saw how dancers made so much money off the sizes of their big asses. She had big credit card debts from all her spending and needed cash.
Porsha didn't have the big bucks to get a professional butt injection, so she went asked some dancers at the strip club and they told her about an underground place where she could get injections from a lady who operated in an hotel room.
Porsha found out the rates the woman was charging. While she was broke, Porsha managed to get the money, $200.00 dollars, by lying to her grandmother about the need.
A week passed and Porsha went to the hotel which was located on the edge of town by the airport.
That day was a busy one for the lady doing the injections, she had 9 clients that day in all. When Porsha got there she sat down next to two girls who were waiting before her.
Although they were sitting down, she could tell they had some big asses. Just by glancing, one girls hi
:iconcitizenbjm:citizenbjm 183 2
Booty Busting Sneakers
Roxanne is a gorgeous 25 year old women with a great body, nice curves, and long flowing hair. She works out like it was a religion, and went to the department store to buy new workout sneakers.
When she got to the store and went to the shoe department she asked the salesperson for recommendations on good workout shoes. "I need something that will work great for running and will can keep up with intense workouts. What do you have? says Roxanne. "Well miss, we just got in this sneaker called "The Sculpter." It's great for a toned body like your and it shapes the legs, backside, and muscles as soon a you put them on," explained the salesperson.
Roxanne, like the shoe when she tried it on, and brought it. She didn't waste anytime trying to them out. When she got home she got dressed in her workout clothes, tight white spandex shorts that fit snug over her 36 inch hips, complete with a tight white top that fit over her C cup breasts.
"Ok, lets see how these do. Hmmm, these feel nice and ti
:iconcitizenbjm:citizenbjm 420 11
Oil Plumper
It was sunny, warm day at the beach. Everyone was outside either playing sports or lying on sand getting a tan.
Natasha decided the warm weather and full sunshine was perfect for her to get the tan she always wanted. She looked for a spot on the beach where the sun was brightest which was right in the middle of the beach.
She saw a hotdog man with his cart pushing pass in the spot she wanted. Natasha laid her towel down and kneeled on her knees and started to pour some oil she brought with her in her hands. She rubbed her hands together then slightly her hands rubbed all over her body. She started with her legs, then arms, next she got neck, and stomach. Finally she rubbed some oil on her butt.
Natasha had nice size butt. It was cute and round, but not eye popping like the girls she would see in videos or magazines.
After she oiled up, she lie down on her back and let the sun work its magic. Natasha was tired of her pale skin and desperately wanted some color to give her a worldlier lo
:iconcitizenbjm:citizenbjm 367 7
Reverse Breast Reduction
Tiffany was tired of her large E cup breast. She hated the rude comments from men every time she walked down the street, and she couldn't do basic everyday things like tie her shoes, jog, and driving was tough. Her breast grew extremely fast during high school and didn't stop until shortly after starting college.
Tiffany wanted a reduction, but feared scarring from surgery. So she saw a doctor who promised he could shrink the size of her breast by having the fat and tissue sucked out. After some checking Tiffany arranged for an appointment. When she got to the office, the doctor had her undress and he placed two large dome like bowls over each breast. Then he turned on a machine that started pumping her breast. Each boob sucked onto the bowls and starting pulsating back and forth. The rhythm continued and got faster. Tiffany looked and didn't notice any changes, she started to question whether this really worked.
As the pumping continued, there was finally some changes, but for Tiffany
:iconcitizenbjm:citizenbjm 439 6
Expanding Lingerie
Josie was about to start college and wanted some new clothes and underwear before she started her new life.
She went to the mall and checked out the department store. Finding clothes for Josie was always easy because of her thin build. She had cute 32b cups breast, and 34" waist. The blonde picked up a few clothes, then got a cute red bra and panties she liked and went into the dressing room.
As Josie took off her clothes and tried the lingerie, she liked the feel and look the red bra and panties gave her in the mirror, but she noticed some itching on her boobs and ass shortly after putting on the underwear. She then tried on some jeans, but she had some difficulty with the 34" waist jeans she picked up. She couldn't get it over her butt. She asked herself if she gained weight or did she just get the wrong pants. She tugged again and finally got them up, but they felt tight. Next she tried on the top she picked out and the buttons barely closed. They were straining and opening between
:iconcitizenbjm:citizenbjm 753 13
Booty Injections
Vanessa is a 21 old aspiring video model. Growing up she watched as dancers would shake and jiggle their asses in hip-hop videos. Vanessa knew she was fine, she has a caramel complexion, green eyes, thick juicy lips, and 5'4. The only problem was she her butt was pretty flat and she had 32" hips.
Wanting to make her dreams come true, she heard about some models that get injections of silicone into their ass to make it bigger. After researching several doctors in her area, she found three she liked.
The first doctor worked with some of the best known models in hip-hop. But he was too expensive for what the young woman could afford. The second doctor was less known and Vanessa had a bad vibe about the person. She noticed that many of his clients were transsexuals and had uneven looking butts. Some cheeks looked bigger or smaller than the other. That was enough for Vanessa to move on to the third doctor. This person didn't have well known clients like the first, but appeared to have a sol
:iconcitizenbjm:citizenbjm 325 14
Chocolate Curves
"Taste a statue" The disembodied voice whispered.
A plain and rail thin young woman named Sharon looked around the roman-styled room, Stocked with a dozen full-sized chocolate statues of beautiful women and an energetic chocolate fountain.
'I'll get fat!' she protested.
"It's magical chocolate. You can eat as much as you wish and you'll gain curves only."
So, when picked up a piece of the statue and ate it. When she swallowed the chocolate, it was the best thing she ever tasted. But as she was chewing she noticed the shirt that hung off her A cup chest seem to get a bit tighter. Sharon looked at her breast and they looked more B cups. Despite the weird feeling, she picked up another piece.
This time it was large part of the shoulder of the statue. As she ate again, her shirt seemed to catch up filling up more this time making her breasts look like full C cups. Sharon didn't pay attention, too distracted by how good the statue was. As she ate more, her chest grew, and grew. But that was
:iconcitizenbjm:citizenbjm 490 9


Milking by Expandomatic
Mature content
Milking :iconexpandomatic:Expandomatic 175 5
Mature content
Lactose Intolerance :iconbeableblob:beableblob 122 3
Mature content
Commission: Tifa Twerks :iconkalanosis:Kalanosis 47 2
The Magic Bra : Chapter 8 - A TG Story
"Uhh, I can explain" said the embarrassed Mandy. She stood there in her skinny jeans and bra - the same bra she wore to Jason's house, which turned her into the same woman - in front of Allison. She didn't expect to be caught, and by Allison of all people, in her own apartment. That was irrelevant right now, though, as she had to explain herself to Allison. "Jerem-umm, if that's really your name, what did you just.. How did you just?" she inquired, bewildered by what she just saw. "Allison, I know this looks so weird, but please, don't tell anybody about this!" Mandy said, but Allison was taken aback. "What do you mean not to tell anybody about this?! You just magically turned into a woman! I know I'm not imagining this!" she yelled, and Mandy tried to approach her and calm her down, but Allison would have none of it. "No! Stay away from me, you bitch!" she yelled, completely freaked out, and Mandy felt helpless, but it was right at that moment that another young lady entered the room.
:iconjumboshirmp:Jumboshirmp 256 124
Mature content
Study Your Butt On :iconyo18:yo18 41 3
Mature content
Barista: A Quickie :iconsaint-limey:Saint-Limey 64 9
Hula Hips by beengineer
Mature content
Hula Hips :iconbeengineer:beengineer 23 0
Mature content
Jingle Boobs :iconbeengineer:beengineer 63 0
Mature content
Macromastia Millie :iconbeengineer:beengineer 104 10
Mature content
Trapped, and Tapped :iconforcedlactationlover:Forcedlactationlover 16 1
Mature content
Karen's K-cup Calamity :iconforcedlactationlover:Forcedlactationlover 20 0
Mature content
Too Much 'the Nurse' :iconforcedlactationlover:Forcedlactationlover 25 2
Mature content
Solving the 'Nurse' Problem :iconforcedlactationlover:Forcedlactationlover 29 0
Mature content
The Nurse :iconforcedlactationlover:Forcedlactationlover 59 5
Mature content
Callie's Conundrum :iconforcedlactationlover:Forcedlactationlover 22 2
Mature content
Camp Letters: Letter 3 :iconawesomevan:AwesomeVan 110 13



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