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did it live with t rex?
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I don't know, but I think Alexander11Vink is right
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No, Tyrannosaurus lived in North and South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming while this Dinosaur lived in Texas.
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i heard t rex also lived in texas
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There does seem to be a undiscribed Tyrannosauroid in the Aguja Formation which is the rock formation Texacephale was found in. But i doubt that is Tyrannosaurus. There does seem to be a large Tyrannosaurid In the Ojo Alamo Formation in New Mexico but scientist aren't sure whether that is it's own genus or a species of Tyrannosaurus. But for the time being. Tyrannosaurus has only been confirmed to live in the 4 states i named and in Alberta which i forgot to name here.

Edit: i did just look it up and Tyrannosaurus has also been discovered in the Javelina Formation in Texas. But it's still to old to have lived with texacephale. Javelina formation is dated to 70-66.5 MYA while the Aguja Formation is dated to 80.5-72 MYA. So yes Tyrannosaurus did indeed live in Texas but it didn't coexist with Texacephale.
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I didnt know that, thanks for telling me
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Another pet dinosaur :D
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