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You mean the ones with awful cheesy names that awesomebros love?

That are often named after very fragmentary remains anyway...

Welp the guy who said its Dubious plagiarized a paper. And then named a chimera because apparently a tyrannosaur "expert" can't tell the difference between tyranosauroid and ornithomimid remains hence me not trusting him

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Yeah an that chimera is dubious with in itself i totally agree with you

I don't trust Yun and it has been mentioned as valid in the ornatops paper. I think you should move it back to the original folder or disputed.

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Think Yun hates cool named tyrannosaurs?? He is the one proposing the thanatotheristes despletosaurus synonimization

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Ok thanks keep up the good work 😁

Will you consider changing it??

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i love it he is a good dinosaur boy 
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In some way, Barnum Brown's original name for the T-Rex, Dynamosaurus, is now implemented in this new species.
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That's one of the coolest names ever given for a dinosaur.
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Edgy name gone wrong
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