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Up to 18 new birds at least the newest one is Mesozoic

That makes 5 Mesozoic avemetatarsalians of 2023: 2 Mesozoic birds, 2 pterosaurs, 1 non-avian dinosaur.

Still could've been better...

I get that new dinosaurs tend to build up during the summer, and the earlier in the year it is slow, but this still seems unusually slow in regards to dinosaur discoveries. We've had one discovered all year so far, and it's already past mid march!

Cisio, this year is off for dinosaurs, but for the next new dinosaur described, could you consider doing a mixed staining of Gavialis gangeticus + Heloderma suspectum? Please...

Archosaur paleontology so far


Non avian dinosaurs:1

Pterosaurs :2


The same amount of birds were named TODAY as all other archosaur groups combined (5)

And none of those five birds are from the Mesozoic. Something really weird must've happened for new Mesozoic dinosaurs to basically stop appearing.

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