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March 4, 2011
Firefly Stars by ~Cisiko is beautiful and imaginative. The suggester says "fireflies are not replacements for stars, they are stars."
Featured by omgitsacat
Suggested by rioIu
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Firefly Stars

For :iconkisekimanga:'s new website bg! ^^
The new website will be coming soon~
The new website is up! Go to

Wow the city was hard to draw! I haven't done many background orientated drawings before xD
Took many many hours *A*

Drawn with wacom tablet and photoshop CS
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Heineka's avatar
This is really pretty :D
octobereighth's avatar
this is gorgeous!!! i love it.
ceesevenmarzartworks's avatar
akari94's avatar
wow~~ so beautiful
ASmeets95's avatar
The background.. is.. awesome :o I really have to practise with backgrounds.
Anyway; This is great! :D
Cisiko's avatar
Thank you! xD Yea practice makes perfect! C=
ASmeets95's avatar
Hee-Haa's avatar
How did you--
Wow o.o
This is amazing
bllueart's avatar
wow... wow.... wow! :love:
amazing job!
and congrats for the DD :clap:
MoonlightWillow6's avatar
Wow... this is amazing! Great job and congrats on the DD! :)
ladyrandomm13's avatar
This is so gorgeous, and the detail is beautiful!
becursed's avatar
I absolutely love this. It is so beautiful, and whenever I need some cheering up I come back to this.
Alistairpc's avatar
Cisiko's avatar
Thank you C=
Alistairpc's avatar
Verric's avatar
It's so beautiful! I always wondered who did the website bg! :D
Cisiko's avatar
Yes it was meee xDDD
Thanks Sheree!! ^^
Shi-yue's avatar
O.O I want....
Cisiko's avatar
xD You want.. the fireflies??
Shi-yue's avatar
I want all of it! lol. But I don't have money. Although, if there was some way to transfer your amazing artistic skills to myself that'd be nice.
It's so pretty~ Great job!!!
patamfreti's avatar
I fell in love with this: I wouldn't be wrong if I told you it's one of the most beautiful pieces of art I've ever seen.
The sky means a lot to me, it makes me remember how small I am, but in a good way because then my problems are very small too (: It makes me 'see' we're like a lot of ants :giggle: Moving all the time and suffering from things that don't matter to time :) It makes me smile, even if it's weird.
I also simply find the sky beautiful, it's wonderful... and it's sad that not too many people pay much attention to it.

Anyway the point of telling you this is to express how much this piece moves me :aww: I think you portrayed it's beauty really well, something that I don't see very usually.
Congratulations <3
Cisiko's avatar
I also love just looking at the sky ^^ Thank you very much!!
xD It's comments like these that makes me feel motivated to keep drawing :love:
patamfreti's avatar
Really? Well, I'm happy it made you feel that way! :love: I just expressed what your drawing made me feel, so: thank you :heart:
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