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Thanks to everyone who favorites and enjoys my photos! It makes me happy! 
So what's with all the grossly nude images here on DevArt that are so popular? Just because you have a dSLR and take a picture of a girl's ass, boobs or kitty doesn't make it fun or evocative or edgy. It's just porn. Not even really good porn.

I just wish more art and more interested subject matter came up on the front page, not just pictures of overly-saturated tits.
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Mostly photography will be going in here from now on, I suppose! Art and drawing is hard, just let nature take over and capture the moment!

And thank you to everyone who has added my pictures as favorites. You make my little heart (or what's left of it) soar momentarily before it has a coughing fit and needs to lay down.
I'll be slowly uploading more pictures. I hope you enjoy them.
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So ever since I got myself a Canon Rebel XSi for a graduation present (BA in political science fiction, tyvm), I have been trying to get out there and take pictures and shit.

I'm still learning, but I appreciate critique and fun times.

Also, doing it.

Whiskey tango foxtrot, over.
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It's been over a year. I guess I'm still here!
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Leaving for Moscow 6pm on Saturday and I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I believe the American stereotypes that Russia is evil and lawless and full of communists and witches; on the other hand, it's my birthplace and my homeland and I would like to think that things there are okay.

My mother doesn't help much. She tells me to keep my mouth shut (because I speak Russian with a noticeable accent), to go nowhere alone and to never talk about politics and to never say that I'm from America.

Last I'm I went I was 15 years old and I was with my mother, so it was fairly okay, but I'm on my own now visiting relatives that I haven't seen in ages. I'm hoping that I will be okay and that I will enjoy myself.

So, this is my last journal entry (hopefully not forever) until I come back June 2nd.

Wish me luck
Excerpts from "The Alphabet of Manliness" by Maddox.

"Chuck Norris starts his day like every red-blooded man: with a giant boner. After rubbing one off, Chuck flosses his teeth with steel wool. Thean he east a bowl of dynamite, takes a massive two-flush megashit, and wipes his ass with intercepted letters to Santa Clause.

After breakfast, Chuck brings his mail and uses the Spear of Destiny as an envelope opener. Chuck Norris not only stays up to date on current events but future ones as well so that he can ruin the ending to new Harry Potter books before they're even written.

One time, Chuck Norris read a news piece about some guy who was given a death penalty for treason. Treason is especially offensive to Chuck because he embodies everything that is, was, or ever will be American. Chuck Norris loves America so much that when he gets interrupted during sex, he gets red, white and blue balls. So when Chuck read about this traitor, he killed himself, went to hell and ripped the guy's face off and uses it as a loincloth to this day. Chuck then resurrected himself, went to lunch, and paid for his food with exact change.

In the evening, Chuck Norris likes to sit in the dark and silently pray that his enemies get cancer."

Here's a list of Chuck Norris' favorite foods:

    * Whiskey

If you've enjoyed the crap so far, I'll have the book available in .PDF format on my website. For members only, bitch-tits.
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ur mom is gay lol
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<Center>A Little Kink Goes a Long Way - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever</center>

Hey guys, vote for this shirt so that our lovely Serpentine can get printed!
This new version of DA looks like shit! If they had to change anything, they should've freaking made this thing faster. I sit here for a long while waiting for ANYTHING to load, and then it fucking times out.

The skinning is ugly as hell and not as easy to navigate as the other one.
Larry the Cable Guy is really, really stupid.

So is Howard Stern. I'm not paying $15 to hear someone throw bologna at a lesbian's ass.
I really, really hate some of the crap on DevArt that gets all the attention.

Like retarded emotive portraits. Let's take a pretty girl and make her cry. Because that's emotive. Emotive = emo. Emo = stupid fuck.

And amateur photographers like to hold their 3megapixel camera arms length away from their ugly faces, turn their heads 3/4 to the left, look up at the lens with their eyes wide open and part their lips slightly. Yeah, that's REAL ARTISTIC.

Christ people, go die. Or atleast put some work into your shit.
Holygod, Memories of a Geisha was amazing. Amazing. And Hatsumomo was much more beautiful than Mameha. Zhang Ziyi did a fairly good job playing a geisha, but she didn't exhibit enough determination that you could feel from her in the book. They young Chiyo did it perfectly, but Ziyi seemed like she was being tugged along like a cow.

However, I will say that the movie was long (2,5h) and moved fairly smoothly.

Now I want to make fanart. Geez.
So, I'm done with classes. I couldn't be happier. I finished with everything, going home for the winter.

Now to get a job...
I'm reading Jenna Jameson's book, "How To Make Love Like a Porn Star: A cautionary tale".

If you haven't heard of it or read it, I very much encourage you to do it. No, it's not a book about how to have sex or how to become a porn star. It's an autobiography and it's kind of scary of all the things she went through.

She's gone from the brown-haired, underdeveloped Jenna Massoli,
to a hardcore crystal meth addict,
to a hardcore blonde-bombshell and one of the most photographed women ever.

I love Jenna Jameson.  


525,600 minut.

Thu Nov 3, 2005, 6:00 AM
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Deviant art gave me a week's subscription for free. As amazing as some people think it is, I really don't need it. I don't mind having a ~ next to my username.

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Si j'ai été changé pour le mieux. Mais, parce que je vous ai su, j'ai été changé pour à jamais.

How do you figure your last year on earth?
I put everything in storage for a little while. Sorry, I'm feeling very unsatisfied with my "art".