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that's lame, image is too big for dA

no one looks in the scraps right? this is safe to hide here right?

^No one looks in scraps unless Seth posts your name and a direct link on the number one Pony site^

I'm not the mastermind behind this. That would be Grollo which you can find him here: [link] All I did was steal pictures and make pretty lines and line them up :D

[link] This is the Tom x Bloomberg fanfic.

Snails is shipped with some pony, I just forgot to put in the line. :D

If you're reading this, e-mail seth and tell him that I'm not the master mind behind this :D

[link] [link]
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I like how there's a giant arrow in the middle pointing to Rainbow Dash, practically saying "Ship everypony here." - EqD DAedricToaster
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Silver Spoon and Snails, even Twist and an apple tree are more loved.
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