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Hi guys what do you think  is the feeling of being in just university? No one can imagine the pressure that we run into every day! Of course you are now wondering what kind of pressure is that?! first ,The professors are very bad , They cant teach right and they treat you like a bug without respect ,They never look at students as human beings. What about  exams?You have no idea! Exams as if they are  from  the outer space , Studying nor cheating can help you,You are left along its only the mercy of god that can help you. After all the students are good!!!!!!!!!! wait a minute , I am just joking ,The students are rude and angry all the
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Good stuff :) I really like your colour schemes!
You're an idiot.

First of all, it's a doodle, second of all, it's not supposed to look realistic.

Grow up.

p.s. If you can't draw a realistic face when that is what your aiming for, don't do it.
im sorry if my picts scared you, babe
but yes, yes, i adore such things
thanx for the visit :kiss:
Thanks for the visit:)
Thanku for for the advise :)
i really like your gallery! i adore fairies and pixies adn creatures