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Tetris Stamp

By cirruswolf
A stamp for all those in support of time wasting everywhere!
I keep tetris on my cellphone so I'm never without boredom when I'm waiting for the train or something.

Animated it frame by frame... Lots of fun :D
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© 2006 - 2021 cirruswolf
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slayerchick303's avatar
Loving this. Usin' it! :D

cirruswolf's avatar
Thanks a lot! Enoy using it :w00t:
Evil-Poptart's avatar
Very cool. It's mezmorizing to watch xD
cirruswolf's avatar
:) thanks very much :w00t:
Fear the awesome hypnotising power of tetris!

*hypnotic voice* now make me a saannnddwiicchhh
Evil-Poptart's avatar
XD your'e welcome!! "Yes master....a sandwhich..." :drool: xD!!!
Giai's avatar
Mind if I use this in my shoutbox?

My dad yelled at me for using up his cell phone bill by playing it too much >.o
cirruswolf's avatar
No problem, its what its there for :D
Why didn't you just download it? go to [link] and look for 'Yet another tetris' which is a pretty good version ;)
Giai's avatar
Haha i did but it cost money to play games on my phone D: I don't get it..but, it's free on weekends <3
cirruswolf's avatar
that's just wierd O_O
Giai's avatar
and unfair ):
me-pawel's avatar
Yay! Ok it's in my journal!

Thank you again!
me-pawel's avatar
can i use this in my journal? :D
cirruswolf's avatar
no problem :) you're welcome to, I'd be honoured
Neive's avatar
Haha thats awesome. I love to play tetris when waiting for the bus. But its that damn demo version ;_;
cirruswolf's avatar
:w00t: I'm not alone :giggle:
[link] <- go there and search for 'yet another tetris', you should be able to find a freeware version for yer phone :thumbsup:
Neive's avatar
Oooo danke! :D
ComeSailAway's avatar
I have tetris on my TI-89 calculator! Great way to look like you're doing something in math class. (or spanish as I do)

If I ever get a sub, this is going in my journal.
phorque's avatar

I also play tetris on my cellphone, and in the computer labs, and at home. o_0
cirruswolf's avatar
greatest puzzle game ever made, and it's NEVER boring.
I don't know why they keep churning out new versions of the game when the original on the NES was so brilliant!

I :heart: Tetris
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