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ASK MORI - POTENTIAL ASKBLOG? by cirquedelart ASK MORI - POTENTIAL ASKBLOG? :iconcirquedelart:cirquedelart 49 40 JACK VS. MORI - SHIFT CONTEST ENTRY 2 by cirquedelart JACK VS. MORI - SHIFT CONTEST ENTRY 2 :iconcirquedelart:cirquedelart 18 2 SHIFT COMIC COVER by cirquedelart SHIFT COMIC COVER :iconcirquedelart:cirquedelart 21 3
This passage is extracted from the Guardians' almanac. Originally written in Lunar script, one may assume that it was written by the Man in the Moon. It is translated for the reader's convenience.
After generations of watching the world below, I can assert that I have seen no other race like the humans.
Although their intelligence is limited, they are an adaptable, versatile and tenacious species. These qualities have enabled them to withstand extinction, and to survive eras of turmoil.
Although these humans are intriguing, they are also gravely ignorant. They assume that they know so much, yet are oblivious to one veritable truth - they do not believe in the existence of Magic.
Unlike their predecessors, who have revered magic and mysticism, the humans of today have dismissed them as elements of fiction. The only ones who appear to have overcome such skepticism are those who have embraced the innocence of childhood, and I am determined to protect this minimal group of believers
:iconcirquedelart:cirquedelart 10 1
JACK VS. MORI - SHIFT CONTEST ENTRY by cirquedelart JACK VS. MORI - SHIFT CONTEST ENTRY :iconcirquedelart:cirquedelart 39 11 ROTG ANIMATIC - THE PROTECTORS OF CHILDHOOD by cirquedelart ROTG ANIMATIC - THE PROTECTORS OF CHILDHOOD :iconcirquedelart:cirquedelart 36 13 THE PROTECTORS OF CHILDHOOD - POSTER by cirquedelart THE PROTECTORS OF CHILDHOOD - POSTER :iconcirquedelart:cirquedelart 50 24 Untitled-2 by cirquedelart Untitled-2 :iconcirquedelart:cirquedelart 4 1 PITCH x READER - THE PROTECTORS - RESPECT by cirquedelart PITCH x READER - THE PROTECTORS - RESPECT :iconcirquedelart:cirquedelart 40 5 THE PROTECTORS - APRIL FOOL - SOMETHING MORE by cirquedelart THE PROTECTORS - APRIL FOOL - SOMETHING MORE :iconcirquedelart:cirquedelart 30 2 THE PROTECTORS - APRIL FOOL - JUMPING by cirquedelart THE PROTECTORS - APRIL FOOL - JUMPING :iconcirquedelart:cirquedelart 32 2 THE PROTECTORS - APRIL FOOL/THE GRIM REAPER by cirquedelart THE PROTECTORS - APRIL FOOL/THE GRIM REAPER :iconcirquedelart:cirquedelart 22 4 THE PROTECTORS - APRIL FOOL by cirquedelart THE PROTECTORS - APRIL FOOL :iconcirquedelart:cirquedelart 10 3 Yin2 by cirquedelart Yin2 :iconcirquedelart:cirquedelart 5 2 Yin and Yang by cirquedelart Yin and Yang :iconcirquedelart:cirquedelart 11 1 Yin by cirquedelart Yin :iconcirquedelart:cirquedelart 7 3


Wardrobe Meme - Rowan Sawyer by TeraSArt Wardrobe Meme - Rowan Sawyer :iconterasart:TeraSArt 203 7 Various female clothes 7 by meago Various female clothes 7 :iconmeago:meago 6,991 497 Orient by shilin Orient :iconshilin:shilin 11,908 276 Storyboard: Honour Amongst Theives v.03 by Quarter-Virus Storyboard: Honour Amongst Theives v.03 :iconquarter-virus:Quarter-Virus 875 165 Rise of the Guardians by Elenath Rise of the Guardians :iconelenath:Elenath 1,809 89 0109 by tsubakiya 0109 :icontsubakiya:tsubakiya 874 28 RotG: SHIFT (pg 108) by LivingAliveCreator RotG: SHIFT (pg 108) :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 198 291
Chapter 2: Fury (Jack Frost x Reader)
The sun is rising: deep orange, trembling at the horizon. You sit on a snow-covered field at the top of a hill facing a quiet little town, as you always do when you needed time to slow down, when you needed to figure things out. Beyond the town is the sea, a seemingly brilliant sand of amber at dawn. You’ve always loved watching the sun’s ascend at the break of dawn; seeing the sun’s rays caress the sleepy town, you could almost hear life stirring awake as the early risers started their morning routines. This winter morning, though, it appears that most residents of the town decided that a little more sleep is the best way to battle the morning chillness. There are times when, watching the sun rise, it felt as though the new day at the break of dawn could truly offer a fresh start, free from the troubles of yesterday.
You find your mind straying back to the kiss from yesterday; touching your lips, you could still feel Jack’s cold lips on yours. You laugh at your
:iconcloudstrifeshirtless:cloudstrifeshirtless 171 112
Winter Angel Chapter 11 (JackFrostXReader)
Jack’s POV
*“Now, what is dis problem?” I take a deep breath and put my serious face on.
“Pitch is back.”*
“Pitch is back,” I say with a stern face. North’s eyes widen. He turns away and paces for a bit while stroking his long, white beard.
“How is dis possibly? We saw ‘im dragged down by ‘is Nightmares.” He looks over at me with a raised eyebrow and a serious yet curious face.
“I don’t know, but… he went after her. That’s why I brought her here. Pitch directly attacked her yesterday, and I found a Nightmare in her room the night before.” North strokes his beard harder and paces more.
“Why? What can Pitch possibly gain from targeting one girl? She is teenager, yes, but…” His pace speed increases. He begins to murmur to himself as he paces. “Dere must be something… A teenage…? But, there are some that still believe… What Den? Coincidence? N
:iconmak96k:mak96k 96 108
Jack's pony aftermath ( Chapter 5) LAST CHAPTER!
A/N: I'm SO Sorry I Haven't update this chapter lately, I've been EXTRA busy with my other stories. So anyways, this is the LAST Chapter to this story and Bunny is next but his secret is just more embarrassing than the other's secrets! Trust me! I Tried my best, enjoy! :D
After four of the guardians secrets were revealed, it was now Bunnymund's turn! But refused to admit.
"Alright cottontail, it's your turn" Said Jack smirking.
Bunny crossed his arms.
"What ? I ain't got nothin' no secret to hide!" He snorted.
Jack chuckled a little.
"Ah come on Bunny! Don't be embarrassed! We won't laugh"
"Yeah You will!"
"Yeah you're right, We will" Jack teased.
"I'm not telling any secret of mine and there is nothing you all can do to make me tell it! I'm leaving!"
Bunny made a hole in the ground to go back to his headquarters but two words stopped him from doing so. Tooth flew up to Bunny with an innocent smile.
"Oh Bunny" she called.
Bunny turned to Tooth.
"What is it Tooth?!"
"If you stay and tel
:iconwintermoon95:WinterMoon95 11 9
Winter Love(Chapter 1)
Chapter 1-New Student,New Friendship.

Burgess International High School,First Day of Winter....

United States of America entering the first day of winter. The snow began to fall covering the ground. Although the snow filling the surrounding,the people were still doing their daily routine. The people still can walking around the city even the temperature fell very low about 5 to 0 Degree Celcius.
At a huge town called Burgess,located at the States of Pennsylvania. The people were still same as the people from the other states,walking and wandering aroung the town. Still did not care with the snow and very low temperature. Coat and scarf made them still at the warm state.
The story began with a teenage boy around 16 years. He had a brown hair,brown skin,quite tall,and wearing a spectacle. He was enjoying his recess time at his school. He was enjoying the recess with his friends,Cupcake,Monty,Pippa,Caleb and Claud
:iconlukmaniah:lukmaniah 13 15
RotG- The Ties of Family- Chapter 36
The Ties of Family- Chapter 36
The two of them scrambled off the bed and towards the window, which they pushed open to welcome the winter spirit. Jack flew in and landed on the carpeted floor, causing frost to swirl across its surface. He glanced at the two siblings.
"What's with the long faces?" he asked.
"Kind of a long story," Jamie said. "But first things' first, you have to see this." Jamie's solemn expression changed instantly to one of excitement and joy as he grinned widely at Jack before turning and fetching the book. He waved it in Jack's face. "It's real! Can you believe it?"
"Whoa." Jack flipped through the book, just like everyone else who had held it previously had done. He realised one thing as he viewed the realistic illustrations, the book may be a recount of Jamie's experiences, Sophie's art expertise and printed for the entertainment of others, but it was also... a 'tool of belief'. Children who had not heard of one or two of the guardians could pick up a cop
:iconalexandra989:Alexandra989 9 8
Just Believe- GuardiansXReader, Chapter One
You see that girl? I gestured to a group of high school students. With the dull, lifeless eyes and the permanently faint frown? Oh wait, they’re in high school and it was midterms’ week, they all have the same dull eyes and frown. The one with tattered jacket and frayed jeans? That’s you.
That was you, standing among a group of your acquaintances.
“I’ll die before spring break starts,” you scowled.
“Chill out,” one of your more optimistic friends said. “You just gotta believe in yourself.” 
“Easy for you to say. You don’t have a million chores a day. Your parents give you time to study,” you sighed, crossing your arms. “I should go now. My mom’s going to kill me.”
You had had one mom, one who worked morning, day, and through the night. You were the oldest of nine. No, your mother wasn’t a foster parent. She was a slut. You and your pesky sibling were all biologically related. You
:iconfreelance-writer:Freelance-Writer 43 14
How to Run your own Group
People keep dropping by my page asking my questions about how I run my groups. So that I don't have to keep writing it out, here's a quick tutorial.
Feel free to add a link to this tutorial on your group's page to help other people who are in need of assistance running their group.
:star: Part One - General Group Building
- How to Create a Group
- How many groups can I have?
- How to activate join requests
- How to activate and regulate Submissions
- How to limit submissions to your group
- How to create gallery folders
- How to activate gallery folder submissions and make a limit on them.
- How to affiliate your group with others
- How to invite members/co-founders/admins
- How to change your group Avatar
- How to add a tagline for your group
- If you're a contributor to a group, your limitations are...
- Once I've submitted my application for a group, how long do I have to wait?
- I've accidentally hid my admin area from myself! What do I do?
- How to close your group
- I can'
:icondisney-club:Disney-club 643 946
Eclipse Leona by sunnykoda Eclipse Leona :iconsunnykoda:sunnykoda 3,898 389 Characters Sketch by atomhawk Characters Sketch :iconatomhawk:atomhawk 241 7



Aside from all the SHIFT deviations, this account is solely dedicated to the "Protectors of Childhood" AU

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