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Arkham by Night

By Ciro1984
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Soooo...despite being a straight man, I'm a feminist, 100%, and I do find the objectification of women in comics by heterosexual males rather disgusting especially when it involves the sexualization of friendship between women and...well, you get my point.

That said.

I really wanted to draw this XD

This is, I think, the most sexually explicit pic I've ever drawn. Or at least completed. I love Harl and Ivy together and it's been hinted more than once that there might be something more to their friendship. I wanted to push my limits and see how suggestive I could make it and also wanted to give it a...uhm...glossy Playboy feel, which includes some totally ridiculous details like the fact that not only they're in a cell together, but they're also in Arkham and wearing more elaborate versions of their costumes instead of plain white uniforms AND yet the cell looks more like a prison than a hospital. It's like, one picture from a soft-porn photoshoot in Arkham, cheap and campy scenery and costumes included. Mistah J. is behind the camera ;)

It could also be the first in a small series of unusual and/or not wholly official comic book and/or cartoon pairings I like :P

Grunge brush [link]
Cracked walls brush [link]
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JessamineLovelaceHobbyist Traditional Artist
I LOVE their posters in the background. Hilarious :)
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Women are objects, as we men are. We are far more than that, but beyond what many women will tell you, people stop looking at their "objects" and they WILL feel like sh*t

Love the art :)
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Sapphire720Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i like harley's costume lol she looks nervous.
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LadyofSpardaHobbyist General Artist
Omg -snickers- I love how Harley pasted Joker's face on that body and Ivy's hunk is a tree :XD: It's very in character, Great job!
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fossilfox Photographer
And why wouldn't they do this.

Good job it was a great idea. (made me laugh.)
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Really nice. I love the details like to pictures on the walls.
scarecrow1031's avatar
very well and propoply done
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Very gorgeous. Can't go wrong with a little Harley/Ivy. Too bad Joker and Harley are married now (at least in the comics).
Hentaiying's avatar
0.0 since when? what comic? TPB? how did I missed this? :O
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asa-bryndisHobbyist Digital Artist
Heh, this is a fun idea! Unlike your usual, but hey, it does us all good to break out of the comfort zone.

Concept aside, I think this is among your best regarding the overall rendering. Really nice lines and use of texture. I also like how you spiced their costumes up a bit.

Also, those two drawings on the wall cracked me up!
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Amazing use of texture & detail. <3 I like the small alterations to their costumes - this truly is a beautiful portrait of the two.
LordMiste's avatar
Very nice!
carbon-dreams's avatar
i agree with you about the objectification. and its refreshing to hear a man noticing it as well!
and what a fantastic representation of these two! - it's cute, agreed suggestive but not in a dirty, yucky way - it's playful and fun and respectful of their relationship.
besides, i think ivy could treat harley way better than any man could - and that includes Mistah J!

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Jado-the-ShadowHobbyist Writer
Yeah, it is sometimes hard to have good super herione role model. That said, I actually like the picture. I think Ivy is a better choice then the Joker. Very nice, and I like the soft quailty rather then straight porn.
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haha its good.i like the concept.
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