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that really bugs me

HEY BABES quick update i'll be pretty busy these few weeks in preparation for a bunch of local cons this June/July and im using the rest of my time to study HAHA so commissions are kinda on hold as u probably noticed!! don't worry it won't be too long i just need to get shit done first so i can concentrate better..!!

ALSO, i have not enough monnies to be able to print ALL of the chibi pokemon i've done so far D: SO I'D KINDA like to know which ones u guys wld want to have as keychains..? they will all be stickers and postcards but keychains are expensive to make /laughs nervously/ i'll try making wood keychains for the bird n bug pokemons JUST BECAUSE YEA

happiness is a warm puppy by circus-usagi e e v e e l u t i o n s by circus-usagi don't walk in tall grass by circus-usagighosts, fairies and psychics by circus-usagi 

art by circus-usagi
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This whole series is very cute. Love emmm :D
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That thug-looking Scatterbug
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LOL the thug life certainly chose him
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No Joltik?! This is a picture of LIES!! *Goes to find a Joltik for the picture.*
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that certainly...BUGGED you....ahahahahaa sweatsss
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Careful. You might Joltik me off. :P *Sounds the bad pun alert*
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They're so cute! Ika Musume (Sparkle Eyes) [V1] 
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"Bugs are disgusting"  Eat those words up, Misty!

These little bugs are adorable.
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hahaha xD why, thank you! :heart:
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WHERE'S WURMPLE??? LOL I love it though :love:
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oH NOESS i have made a grave error! CUTE OL WURMPPLLLEEE oTL;; why did i forget...
w-well ahem thanks tho!! xDD :heart:
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This is soooo cute i wanna draw as good as this so cute :3
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Aw this is adorable
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thank you dear! =D
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OMG soooooo cuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!
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I don't really like bugs, but these are completely adorable!
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Bugs! Bugs everywhere!

And Misty freaking out all over the place.
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