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Published: December 24, 2010
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Roll Back the rock
Till the dawn of time
When the earth was smoking
And the lava flowed...

My eternal love for all things prehistoric and specifically mammals finally prodded me to doodle a Hyaenodon. I loves me some toothy ancient critters, 'specially of the creodont sort! I might do a series of these. I'll take recommendations for which to doodle next, though I want to stick to primordial mammals for now so none of our scaly dino friends yet.

Arrg, this is what happens when I sit down to finally work on me comic and I'm just not feeling it. Ah well.. At least it was semi-productive, though not what I expected when I first picked up my tablet. :giggle:

I swear if I wasn't going for vet med, I would be a paleontologist battling mountains of rocks in a desolate desert for months at a time.
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JessoueProfessional Filmographer
I love those "animal"
They are so cool!
Awsome drawing! :)
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That was so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Awww! Knowing the animal, I could hardly imagine it could be made cute like that :D
AspartameDeath's avatar
AspartameDeathProfessional Digital Artist
hes such a cute little fucker. the lineart on his furry belly makes me :D

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chemioStudent Traditional Artist
colossal fucker* those things were huge. X3
circuitRx's avatar
awww if you rub his belly I'd be he would do the cut leg-kick-doggy thing :love:
Demaunik's avatar
Congratulations, I wanna watch "We're Back" now .... This will have to happen once I get back to my VCR....

Also, that hyaenodon is adorable x33
circuitRx's avatar
Haha I was listening to that song while doodling. Such a good movie!
circuitRx's avatar
Thanks man! How've ya been? I ran into Kelly awhile ago and thought of the crazy old times
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Hah cool :) I've been working mostly :P i need to start doing artwork again >_<
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SilvolfProfessional Traditional Artist
Ah now this is a prehistoric creature I like! Heheh nice work.
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Saynkee! I've been meaning to doodle one of these guys for awhile now :love:
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Zilla-XiuhcoatlStudent Traditional Artist
Yay! I'm not the only one who has an eternal love for prehistoric mammals!
I would recommend either a Chalicotherium, an Arctodus, an Andrewsarchus, a Quetzalcoatlus, or a Rodhocetus :D
circuitRx's avatar
oh I loves me some prehistoric animals :love: Its much more fun to imagine what they might have looked like
Zilla-Xiuhcoatl's avatar
Zilla-XiuhcoatlStudent Traditional Artist
I know, right? Personally I think that prehistoric mammals/bugs are way more fascinating and cool to look at as opposed to dinosaurs. At least to me XD haha
circuitRx's avatar
Oh I know. When people think about prehistoric things, dinosaurs are usually what comes first to mind. It's amazing how much more stuff is being found everyday in the field of non-dino palentology. I could sit in the Museum of Natural History for days and never get bored :nod:
Zilla-Xiuhcoatl's avatar
Zilla-XiuhcoatlStudent Traditional Artist
Man, I wish we had a Natural History Museum where I live - I love those types of museums, I take too many pictures XD
If I was rich I would totally make a huge museum solely based on prehistoric mammals and bugs and whatnot
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