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(Original post from tumblr)
I actually had a lockdream yesterday colour me surprised. I never thought I’d actually have one. Knowing Crispy likes to hear them I was motivated to sketch this one up.

I dreamed I was a lockjaw and I was trying to hide from Ary because of, I have no idea, but I suspect it was more mischief and antics than anything serious. I got it into my head to hide in the sea, that if I let myself flow into the eddies and currents of the water I would be somehow harder to see.

Then I found a boat, and was about to put it into my mouth before I woke up, probably due to silliness overload. Despite the lock hide and seek though it was quite a peaceful pleasant dream.

Lockjaws belong to :iconbeastofoblivion:, I just keep stealing them for practice. Sorry Alison
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Here's where I found the image:

"Geraldine" claims it's hers.