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Holy Helix


Apparently I love twitch plays Pokemon this much. 

because I have already been asked, print here.

Seriously though , twitch plays pokemon is freaking amazing, on many levels im sure will be and disected by all for years in the future. 

but I dont have the brain right now to rave on about all the many ways in which this odd little net event is so complexly gripping. All I have to say is I wanted to create some art that was wothy of such an intrequing event. Only thing left to say about this pic is that they caught zapdos half way through finishing this and I had to extend the picture to fit him in. thats as far as Igo though, further updates are only a decent into madness. 

oh, and praise the helix

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This is a masterpiece. Excellent work. I'm guessing from top to bottom - Zapdos, Bird Jesus, the Helix Fossil itself, Ratata and Farfetch'd, Charmeleon, and the False Prophet at the bottom.
Can I include this image in the Helix Bible? 
This is worthy of being displayed on the ceiling of the Route Sistine Chapel.
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Your work is absolutely wonderful!
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This is so epic!!!!
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Is that demon-looking thing near the bottom meant to be Flareon?
CircuitDruid's avatar
of course! praise the helix :P
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Man, I can't keep my eyes off this, this is bloody awesome :D PRAISE
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Wow. I mean..WOW. The detail is intricate, the designs are spectacular, and there is even a clever use of color( rise higher up towards Helix, it gets lighter, go downwards towards Flareon, it goes dark). Easily one of my favorite TPP pieces.
CircuitDruid's avatar
I love people who notice the details :heart:
GeoBlazeMHM's avatar
And I love people that portray such fine details themselves Heart 
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I rarely RAAAARELY comment but this is just amazing! Absolutely stunning.

Would be awesome if you made one for every gen or update this one to fit the current lore (would buy instantly), but nonetheless this is one wicked piece of artwork. Great job.
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Alas, real life has claimed me again and I have not been following the recent saga. But I will also be watching the art that it spawns with glee :) 
My big, bad-ass metallic print of this just arrived, and it is glorious.

It looks absolutely phenomenal in person; worth every cent I spent on it. Now to get it framed.
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oh wow, thank you for showing me! I dont have a metallic print myself, so its glorious to see that it comes up so well :D
:heart: thank you for supporting me, the photos, and the compliment!
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I have to say that your artwork has inspired me quite a bit, to the point that I'm asking you for permission to potentially use this for a tattoo.
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Wow, just crazy awesome :O
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i will carve this on my door someday ._.
CircuitDruid's avatar
if you ever do such a glorious thing, I demand a picture XD
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I feature your wonderful deviation here
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