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Fermata Caesura

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....There's more then one plain that the world exist. There are other creatures living in this world other then humans. These beings can move freely from the 'Fae World' and the 'Human World', unlike humans that can't leave their plain without a guide or magic. So, the Lord and Lady of the Fae World allows this circus, Circo de Nocte, out of the realm to introduce and amuse their human neighbors to their kind....
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Greetings every fork!

I would like to formally apologize on behave of Master Sol for our absence of late. Also we would like to commend Master Ozu for picking up the stack while we where away, but now that we have returned from our business, would like to reinstate your new task that was asigned to you from Master Ozu.

Your task was to do a dress rehearsal of your act and/or your job here at the circus. So far we have seen acts from Ms. WST, Ms. Alanis and Ms. Angelis and work from Kaylee and Ian and we are amazed from the talent you have giving us.

However, we are discouraged by the lack of effort from the rest of the troupe. We had entrusted you listen to Master Ozu while we where business and we are less then impressed. Me and Master Sol where going to give a treat to the whole troupe when we returned, but we are now only going to reward Ms. WST, Ms. Alanis, Ms. Angelis and Kaylee and Ian.

The rest of you are to shape up and complete your assigned tasks by the end of next week.

No exceptions.

~ Ivan Manelux
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