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Project 877 - Vampire by Circlesoldat Project 877 - Vampire :iconcirclesoldat:Circlesoldat 7 2 Ascended wizard by Circlesoldat Ascended wizard :iconcirclesoldat:Circlesoldat 2 0 Fantasy Lizard Mercenary by Circlesoldat Fantasy Lizard Mercenary :iconcirclesoldat:Circlesoldat 4 0 Fantasy Footman by Circlesoldat Fantasy Footman :iconcirclesoldat:Circlesoldat 3 0 Anika by Circlesoldat Anika :iconcirclesoldat:Circlesoldat 6 0 Post ww3 Mercenary by Circlesoldat Post ww3 Mercenary :iconcirclesoldat:Circlesoldat 4 0 Network controller Niza by Circlesoldat Network controller Niza :iconcirclesoldat:Circlesoldat 7 0 SR-22 synthetic security unit by Circlesoldat SR-22 synthetic security unit :iconcirclesoldat:Circlesoldat 3 0 EPT-50 by Circlesoldat EPT-50 :iconcirclesoldat:Circlesoldat 1 0 Layman labor replacer robot by Circlesoldat Layman labor replacer robot :iconcirclesoldat:Circlesoldat 1 0 Kveta by Circlesoldat Kveta :iconcirclesoldat:Circlesoldat 3 0 O.S.A (On-board Systems Authority) Exoskeleton by Circlesoldat O.S.A (On-board Systems Authority) Exoskeleton :iconcirclesoldat:Circlesoldat 1 0 Prosecutor cyborg agent by Circlesoldat Prosecutor cyborg agent :iconcirclesoldat:Circlesoldat 1 0 Tsep by Circlesoldat Tsep :iconcirclesoldat:Circlesoldat 2 0 Volker security guard by Circlesoldat Volker security guard :iconcirclesoldat:Circlesoldat 2 0 Atmospheric craft pilot by Circlesoldat Atmospheric craft pilot :iconcirclesoldat:Circlesoldat 2 0


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Project 877 - Vampire

The Project 877 is a particularly unpleasant bio-synthetic developed by Tao Fai omni industries for the Chinese governance party as an assassination/terror weapon. To execute its victims it will extend its fleshy head from its neck sheath and attempt to drain them of blood using a bony proboscoid structure. After draining its target of blood the "vampire" will become grotesquely bloated until its synthetic organs can convert the blood it into a vaporizing toxin. It can later project this toxin at will, usually on the targets security forces or family. The Vampire is used rarely used against rival corporation leaders, instead it is a terror weapon against domestic threats such as those disloyal to the party.

Biologically it survives only because of its internal chemical generator. Such a generator allows it a hyper-vitality that makes it superior to non biological synthetics, its musculature is similar in feel to a bundle of steel cables. The enormous amounts of energy it must expend means the Vampires body temperature is extremely high even when compared to other bio-synthetics. Intellectually the Vampire displays very little activity, their few emotions seem only to manifest when their chemical generator begins to expire. Notably as they now must intake an enormous amount of calories to replace the generators function, they are physically incapable of processing calories faster than their synthetic body consumes them. They will howl and wail as they expire but their small clouded eyes cannot convey distress.

Ascended wizard

“Biological alteration magic”  allows a wizard to change the biological structures of living things and is known to be extremely difficult to do. Even a master wizard would struggle to replace a lost hand and have it function properly. This does not mean that there are not those who do not become extremely proficient at It.

Expanding ones brain biologically is a difficult process with a very low success rate and is effectively forbidden in the empires of man. When it is successful however the wizard will almost instantaneously become hostile to mankind and a far more powerful thaumaturge.  

Zizoobumaluzatta Is a particularly cruel post human wizard who like most has incomprehensible motives and an extreme affinity for torture. Many powerful post human wizards will corrupt the very land they reside in horrifying and sometimes beautiful ways. Whether it be fleshy vines that creep along the ground and lap at the feet of their victims or massive obsidian structures that spew black smoke into the sky filled with glass dust. While they are not coordinated and sometimes even antagonistic to one another the post human wizards pose not only a great threat to man but indeed all races.

Fantasy Lizard Mercenary

Yattaba is a mercenary and travelling partner of Sigor Malek. She member of one of the only races not hostile to man. They are considered to be of no real threat or significance to any of mans empires and as such they do not have any official recorded name. Commonly they are referred to as “dirt dragons” or simply “lizards” . Their race is not numerous in number and does not have any large cities or overarching government. 

Yattaba like many of her people has a great interest in the cultures of man, particularity in knights and warriors. Often they will attempt to imitate weapons, uniforms, and armor of men. It is generally of poor quality and has earned them a reputation of being sniveling appeasers. Yattaba has been somewhat disillusioned by the incompetence of her own people when compared to man. Mainly after witnessing the vast organizational and industrial efforts mankind has gone through in order to not be cleansed by hostile forces. Still she is determined to be useful to mankind in some way, even if minor. 

Fantasy Footman

Sigor Malek is a footman and guard for hire acting independently from any nation or empire of man. Like many soldiers of fortune he bares the image of a flower on his garment and shield. This is considered to be a universal symbol of peace towards nonhuman races as men are otherwise outwardly hostile to them. 

Often those who take up work as mercenaries are outcasts or criminals fleeing punishment. If not, then working with nonhumans will surely earn you the ire of most men.


Anika is is a synthetic mascot appearing in commercials for sport and casual clothing, acting as spokesperson for the brands she represents. She is owned by ZoomZoom Kicker, one of the sport clothing companies owned by the Volker corporation civilian products sector. 

Anika is allowed some autonomy by her parent company which she will generally use to learn about human history with a particular interest in homestead living. She homes that once her usefulness has run out she may be sold to a private owner or set free instead of being recycled. A dream she is often ashamed by is to be married and start a family on a farm, far from the influence of any mega corporations. Though this is improbable as she is a synthetic, marrying a human is outlandish and comical, to conceive is impossible.



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