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The Harry Potter Project

* Repost 05-24-06*

Sorry I reposted this deviation. Just made the file a bit smaller and retyped the names to make it clearer despite the size. And I added a link to my site down at the bottom. :)

:!: Do not steal my art :!:

Ok, sorry for the strong warning, but really, I worked long and hard for all of those precious Harry Potter characters so please don't steal them, use them for promotional purposes, use them in any kind of production, etc. etc. Remember: the art ailiens :jarksaber: can see you and they will abduct you if you steal :abduction:. Haha but seriuosly though, have pity on me.


Yes, these characters are not the only ones I have drawn. I have loads more in my sketch pad (including characters such as Nearly Headless Nick, all the other ghosts, the DADA teachers like Lockhart, Umbridge, etc. The Dursleys, Mrs Figg, Firenze, and LOADS LOADS MORE!).

But, I am sorry, I will not post them anymore here on DA :( (I mean those other characters) because I am super afraid of art theft. Sorry... I tried to watermark this drawing but it was an unsuccessful attempt. I just turned it into a not so high quality (although of course still good :)) So, I just won't post my other drawings anymore.


Full view is highly recommended, as you can see. Their names are clearer when you full view it. The preview doesn't do it justice :D

Thanks for viewing this! Hope you'll leave comments and tell me which of them you like most!

Characters copyright to JK Rowling, of course. :D Only the drawings are copyright to me. Heehee.


$15 for a character and a background
$5 for each additional character
Email me at for inquiries
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Daphne-Brown's avatar
Colin's so cute!!
Aquaandria's avatar
Haha cute! Great prodject!
Abu4tw's avatar
Those are really good!
Where's Voldemort and Seamus finning an and dean Thomas? By the way these are awesome
Abu4tw's avatar
Dean Thomas is next to Ginny.
squirrelflightgirl10's avatar
Awesome! I love Ron's face:happybounce: 
Theredshoeman's avatar
Why are there no black people
xxBrandy's avatar
Yo wheres Seamus? Lol
HerHeartCrafts's avatar
That is FANTASTIC!!! :D
theepiccheesepuff's avatar
turquoise-padme's avatar
soooooo cute!!!!!!!
caprice-ressources's avatar
Love it they're so damn cute *-* <3
SlythxGryffi's avatar
Colin looks so cute! :D
mysticstargirl's avatar
Ravens-Fire's avatar
love Trenawly's one and tonks' :D
NameIsX's avatar
I just love it!! 8DDD
EarthOwl's avatar
woah... u got EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.
ducttapewitticisms's avatar
may I use it for my own uses if I give you credit?
sirah8u's avatar
i like how u drew a spider on Ron's head
Nininino's avatar
Collin is my favourite - most excited of the lot :D
LUVPeetaNewtHarryP's avatar
Collins face=uncontrollable laughter!
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