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25 Essential Expressions Challenge

So I was working one panel 1 of my "sequel" to my "Cheer Up" comic. When i inked Twilight and colored her, the results were O_O... So i had to practice her. And the idea of this came up. I remember seeing Veggie55 make one ( Veggie's 25 Expression Challenge ) And then I wanted to make one my self to practice twilight Sparkle. I thought it got better :D

Took me 1 week to make this using Paint Tool Sai. I really recommend this if you want to practice drawing ponies with different facial expressions :D Now to work on those comics

Oh yeah comments about how I can improve are encouraged xD

*edit* Link to template


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What about diz? :iconpsychotwilightplz:
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now, take Drunk + Flirty and you get, GIGGITY
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You forgot duckface , [link]
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allow me to be amazed by your skill :O
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I didn't see RAGE in any episodes. And you forgot her other expression, the one where shes all freaked out because she forgot to write to the princess about what she did. This is good, but I know there's more to her expressions in all the episodes.
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Rage expressions is seen in Feeling Pinkie Keen

And I just got this from a template (link in description) :)
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Can these be used as icons?
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I'm not sure lol
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I should try that sometime. ;D
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First face I saw was the Flirty one.
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So much Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!!!
Not NO!
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Oh gawd, the "You don't say?!" face made me totally loose it xD
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you don't say! LOL
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I see what you did there. xD
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ooh thi i veary helpful
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nice picture. i like it.
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Yay~ You're doing it~ Great job. :D
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I don't know which one I like best, though I can tell you that am sure I heard a squee when I saw the expression!
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