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Maille Candle Holder

By cionbird
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16G 3/8" and 17G 3/16" galvanised steel, marbles, and lots of time. Holds a tea light candle.

This was my first candle holder that I've made out of maille, and I it as an anniversary present for my partner. She loved it quite a lot, and lots of people who have seen it like it too. The lighting effects are really neat because of the marbles. Also, this thing never gets hot. I tested it by burning a tea light till it went out, and it was just warm to the touch on the outside.

Quite happy with it.
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How much trouble did you have finding marbles that fit? I'm curious how you dealt with marble variations.
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I give you a high five cuz it looks like you coiled your own wire.
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what a marvelous idea! i may have to try that myself one day.
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I don't claim to be the creator of the idea. I took it from another artist on a chainmaille website who was kind enough to tell me the specs :D

But thank you!
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This is really excellent! I just started weaving myself.. Definitely something to try out when I have more practice with my pliers!!
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Thanks! Glad you like!
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Very cool. I need to try making one of these.
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Brilliant piece! I hope your gal likes it ^_^
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Thank you! and yep, she loved it :D
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Brilliant! I'd have never thought of that!
How well does it work in the dark?
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Fantastically so! It's got this really neat stained glass effect. Kinda hard to photograph, though.

And thank you :)
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Must give credit where credit is due.
Actually, I'd love to try that out if you don't mind ^^"
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Go for it! This wasn't an original idea by far, it's just my rendition of it. But you are more then welcome to!
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Oh man, that is about the coolest, yet most simple idea I have seen yet.
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Thank you! It's just a Jap 4-1 captive marble, over and over again. I don't use galvy anymore, cause I was just learning how to maille at the time. All of my new ones are bright aluminum, which honestly works the best of any of the metals I've tried for these.
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This is wicked! If you don't mind, I'll suggest making on to my brother, who is also into chainmail stuff.
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Thank you! And totally, go for it!
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Very nice and intereting way of using mail.. I like it, bet it looks really cool in the dark.. have any pics like that?
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