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This is the first draft of a logo that I designed for an independent film, of the same title. It was a super serendipitous chance meeting that got me involved into a situation that I've been dreaming about doing for years. Working for film is a secret dream of mine, so this is an opportunity I am NOT going to miss out on.

The film is an all volunteer film, with all profits going directly to the American and Norwegian Cancer Society.

As of posting this piece, this is the only bit I've done for them. I am also going to update their website (which needs it...bad) and work on promotional materials, permitting everything works out.

Yes, sure, it isn't the greatest film ever made on the planet, but hey...maybe some door will open for me because of all of it.

Website: [link]
Trailer: [link]

This piece is Copyright © 2008 David Garrison Productions. Don't take it, cause all of our profits are going for a great cause!!
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Ah, looks good. Sometimes I wish I knew slightly more about designing logos cause I'm sure I would appreciate it more.

However, I'm about stuffed as far as Renaissance art goes. :O_o: